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Why do seniors move to LA?

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It might come as a surprise to some that seniors are moving to LA more and more lately. Usually what people think of when someone mentions Los Angeles is the youth, the art scene, and a lot of people coming to Hollywood to chase their dreams. But seniors move to LA for the sun, beaches and the chill vibe it has to offer. As one of the best moving companies Los Angeles we’d like to elaborate a bit more on this topic.

Palm trees in LA

Los Angeles is rich in culture

No matter your age, if a culturally diverse area is what you seek, Los Angeles can provide that to you. Due to the political efforts of many, LA has become an even better place to live for everyone in the previous few years. LA is one of the places that prides itself in many different races, religions, and cultures living in absolute harmony. If you’re someone who is allergic to discrimination, rightfully so, LA can offer you the world.

Los Angeles is also dedicated to progress and to becoming even better than it currently is. Something that is, unfortunately, widely of interest to seniors are first responders and ambulances. Everyone can rest assured that in LA these services are impeccable. Additionally, crime rates have slowly started to diminish in the last few years. But, as with any other big city, crime is something to look out for.

The excitement never ends in LA

What people usually think is that seniors want and need a calm, tranquil place to retire. As with any other age group, there are different types of people in it. There are many seniors who have a strong flare and excitement for life in them. And although many choose to relax in a quiet smaller town, there are those who just can’t live without the excitement of it all.

On every single weekend, you’ll find festivals, theater, and all kinds of multi-cultural events happening all across LA. California used to be part of the country of Mexico, that’s why still today many Mexican cultural events are being held. For example, Cinco De Mayo and Dios Los Muertos to name a few. And what’s better than getting to know a different culture while enjoying their Mariachi bands as well as their authentic cuisine.

Two women enjoying food at the Cinco De Mayo festival
Cinco De Mayo is a festival you shouldn’t dare to miss!

As soon as you get your free moving quotes Los Angeles, be sure to take the time and visit the neighborhood you’re moving to. You’ll be happy to know what kind of community is around you, and even make friends with your neighbors. Your real estate agent will be able to help you find the perfect neighborhood for seniors where you can meet like-minded people.

The Sun!

We all prefer sunny weather. Even people who say they prefer winter never imagine a winter without the sun illuminating the snow. But, in Los Angeles, you won’t have snow and the cold. For seniors who tend to be more on the sickly side, this is an incredible pro. In Los Angeles 95% of the time the sun is shining. You will experience the occasional rainstorm or a few colder nights, but nothing as significant as a true winter.

Another reason why seniors move to Los Angeles area is the low humidity. Many find it hard to breathe and feel more fatigued due to high humidity. Even though temperatures can rise quite a bit during the summer, you will never feel the humid air on your skin. For those suffering from arthritis, what better place is there to enjoy your retirement than LA?

LA is health-conscious and residents are active year-round

If you were considering moving from California to Colorado, we urge you to reconsider. Another one of the reasons seniors move to LA is the active and healthy lifestyle. Wherever you go, you will always see people on the streets. Be it just walking, or jogging and biking, everyone is active during the entire year. It’s one of the perks of living in a fast-paced city.

Fresh produce is very important to LA residents and you will see a lot of farmer’s markets wherever you go. Due to the warm temperatures, fresh produce can be bought year-round. You will always be able to get organic fruits and vegetables no matter the season.

A woman holding fresh produce
The abundance of fresh produce in LA will not only astound you, but also keep you healthy.

Many different environments to choose from

As we’ve mentioned, LA is very culturally diverse. But not only that, it offers a lot of diverse environments to choose from. What is the best area for you to live in once you hire your movers Orange County?

  • Beach cities tend to be the most expensive areas to live in due to their popularity. But they are well worth it if the beach air is something you’re aiming for! Traffic can be tighter in these areas, but on the plus side, you can get anywhere just by walking.
  • If you’re searching for a more urban and artsy place, Downtown Los Angeles is for you. It’s filled to the brim with art museums, historic theatres, beautiful restaurants, parks, and many, many more.
  • Canyon living gives the feel of living in the country while living in the city. The view alone is worth your stay here. There are many artsy places to visit where hippie communities thrive. And, you can expect a lot of green in the canyon with around 70 vineyards between the valley and the sea.
  • Pasadena is perfect for those searching for a little bit of added luxury in their retirement. For lovers of the outdoors and architecture, you’ll find amazing parks and many different styles of buildings.

Now that you understand why seniors move to LA, will you be joining them?

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