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Why autumn is the best time to move from LA?

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Did you buy a new home? Maybe you got a great new job in Colorado? Or you are expanding your business outside of Los Angeles? Whether you are moving because your job demands it, or you simply feel like you’ve outgrown LA, choosing the best time to move is a complicated process. There are many factors you need to take into consideration. It all depends on your personal preferences, but if you are not sure when is the optimal time to relocate, you’ve come to the right place! There are many reasons why autumn is the best time to move from LA, and this article will explain them in more detail. But, first thing’s first, check out the best moving companies Los Angeles to find a perfect professional mover for you. Now that you’ve chosen your potential mover, let’s dive into the reasons why you should relocate in autumn.

Here are some reasons why autumn is the best time to move from LA

Reasons, why autumn is the best time to move from LA, are numerous. Some of the most important ones are:

  • more LA movers are available in the fall
  • autumn is the best time to move because the weather is more pleasant
  • you can get a better price from your mover if you relocate during the fall

More LA movers will be available

If your business has outgrown Los Angeles and you have decided to move elsewhere, it’s smart to do it during fall. Spring and summer are peak moving seasons. You have to book most moving companies months in advance if you wish to move during summer. This means that if you decide to relocate in autumn, you will get a greater variety of movers to choose from. Some of the best commercial movers Los Angeles may not be available if you want to book them for summer relocation. It is more likely that they will have more openings during fall. If you are set on one particular commercial mover, it might be a good idea to wait until autumn to relocate your business. The same goes if you are moving to a new home. Choosing a reliable moving company to help with your autumn move is always a smart thing to do. Most moving companies hire seasonal workers during their busy seasons. Meaning, if you relocate in autumn your relocation will be handled by their regular employees, which usually go through more extensive training.

cardboard boxes are often used by moving professionals for your autumn relocation
You can choose from a greater variety of movers in autumn

Autumn is the best time to move because of the weather

Another important reason why autumn is the best time to move from LA is the weather. We all know how hot Los Angeles, Orange County and all of California can get during the summer. Let’s be real, who wants to move when it’s scalding hot outside? It is not a pleasant experience, for sure. Packing, moving and unpacking during a hot summer day is no ones idea of a good time. The heat can quickly take a toll on both you and the moving experts you hired to help. This is why autumn is the optimal time to relocate. Although movers Orange County are trained professionals who can work effectively under any circumstances, we’re still all humans. Moving will indubitably be faster if it is done during a pleasant, sunny, autumn day. True, there is a greater chance of a rainy day in fall. But, taking into consideration that Los Angeles has very few rainy days year round, it is a risk worth taking.

sunny autumn day in California is when you should relocate
Autumn is the best time to relocate from LA because it is not likely to rain

You can get a better price

This reason goes along with the first one, that more movers are available in autumn. As we’ve already mentioned, spring and summer are peak moving seasons when most professional moving companies are booked well in advance. If you’re moving from Los Angeles to Colorado on a budget, it might be best to do it in autumn. The math is simple since autumn and winter are slow seasons for movers, they will give you a better deal if you choose their company to do your move. And honestly, who doesn’t love a good deal. You can always opt to move on your own, but hiring a professional mover is always the best choice. This is simply because moving companies have trained professionals who work for them. They will handle your belongings with more attention and care since they know exactly how to pack different items. Moving from California to Colorado is no piece of cake, so it is best to have professionals take care of it. You will spare yourself some headaches, and some money as well if you decide to move in fall.

dollar bills are important if you are moving in autumn but are on a budget
You can save some cash if you opt to move in autumn


Reasons, why autumn is the best time to move from LA, are numerous, but we’ve tried to list the most important ones. To sum up, you want to relocate in fall because that is when you will have the best chance to hire your preferred moving company. Do your research and narrow the choice down to two or three movers. Then you can contact them and see which one offers the best deal for your relocation. Most moving companies offer free estimates. The temperatures are more pleasant during fall as well, so the moving process will be less tiring. We hope that we’ve swayed you to move from Los Angeles in autumn, and we wish you an easy and stress-free relocation!

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