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Where to live in Los Angeles: A complete guide

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If you’re thinking of moving to Los Angeles, congratulations! LA is a great city with plenty of opportunities. However, before packing your bags and heading west, it’s important to do some research and figure out which neighborhood is right for you. Each neighborhood in Los Angeles has its own unique vibe and personality, so it’s crucial to choose where to live in Los Angeles.

A couple thinking where to live in Los Angeles
Deciding where to live in Los Angeles is one important decision

How to decide where to live in Los Angeles?

There are several steps you should follow to ensure a smooth and stress-free move.  First, make sure that you’ve found the best long distance movers Los Angeles. Second, choose the area you want to live in. To find the best neighborhood to live in Los Angeles you should consider the distance from work, safety, prices, your budget, and what kind of everyday life you want for yourself and your family. There are several things to consider when deciding where to move inside Los Angeles:

  • Distance from work
  • Budget
  • Expectations
  • Place you like

Distance from work 

Commuting every day may be time-consuming so, it is better to search for a home close to your job. However, some neighborhoods have great options for transportation. So, you might take those into consideration even if they are a bit further from your job.


Some areas are more expensive than others. Hollywood and Beverly hills might be out of your budget, but there are many different neighborhoods that can suit both your needs and budget. Consider getting moving quotes Los Angeles so you can fit everything in the budget.


Hollywood might be your dream, and if you are looking for glamour and nightlife, that can be the perfect choice for you. Maybe you are looking for a quiet and safe neighborhood or more employment possibilities. If you are a nature lover and would like to be closer to the sea, there are a few more suitable areas for you. Whatever are your expectations, you will find your area and residential moving companies Los Angeles CA will make your moving stress free.

How to find the best neighborhood when moving to Los Angeles

Los Angeles is a huge city with many different neighborhoods, each with its own unique culture and vibe. A quick guide through different Los Angeles areas for a living can help you choose the right one for your needs. When you plan your move,  considering the right place for your home is essential. Here are just a few of the many different areas in Los Angeles where you can live.


Hollywood is an excellent choice for those who want luxury or work in the film industry. It is always busy with rich nightlife.

Beverly Hills

Beverly Hills is home to the rich and famous. If you are any of those, this might be the best option

Beverly Hills sign
Beverly Hills is a great neighborhood for rich and famous


Mid-city is a great residential area for families, with a lot of sidewalks. It is pet-friendly and affordable. You should consider this if you are moving with family.

Silver Lake

With its green spaces, good traffic and amazing nightlife Silver lake could be the best choice for young people.

El Segundo

If you want a nice, affordable house by the sea with a small-town vibe, then El Segundo might be your new neighborhood.


If you prefer mountains and a rustic vibe and don’t mind commuting, here you can find your dream home.

So, you decided where you want to live in Los Angeles. Now you have to start planning your move.  In such stressful life events, reliable professionals from moving companies Orange County can help you with everything going smoothly.

With so many amazing areas it can be really hard to choose the best one. You can always go to Los Angeles prior to moving and feel the life in different parts of town.  But, what if you’ve found the perfect home in the perfect area but you don’t have room for all your stuff? Most companies offer both moving and storage Los Angeles so you can take your dream home, decorate it as you wish and keep some of your belongings in the storage.

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