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Where to donate the items you don’t need after a move in WA

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    Planning and preparing for a move is difficult. However, while you are preparing your household for the best movers Seattle, you can set aside items you won’t need in the future. Moving is an excuse you have been waiting for to force you to finally declutter your belongings. The time of hoarding items and finding excuses to keep them is over. You should be brutal and declutter not just items ready for the trash bin, but also items you didn’t use for some time. After you decided what items you won’t be moving into a new home, you also need to find them a new home. Just because you don’t need them anymore doesn’t mean they can’t be useful in another place. For this reason, you should find places to donate the items you don’t need after a move in WA. Here are a few places to consider. 

    What are the best places to donate the items you don’t need after a move? 

    You are obviously good at making decisions as you decided to hire Washington movers for your move. For this reason, you won’t have a problem choosing the right charity to donate your items to. There are many organizations to choose from. It all depends on what kind of items you are going to donate, will you be willing to deliver them by yourself. Some organizations offer pick-ups which is ideal when you are busy with packing. Here are a few charities to consider. 

    • Goodwill donation center 
    • Bread for the city 
    • A wider circle 
    • A Woman’s Choice 
    • 4 Paws Rescue Team 

    No matter which organization you choose or multiple ones, you are doing a good cause for your community. Additionally, it’s not practical to move a lot of items when you are preparing a move with one of the long-distance moving companies Seattle. 

    people carrying boxes
    You can find many great charities

    Charities to consider 

    One of the most famous charity organizations is the Goodwill donation center. They have a few donation places in Washington where you can donate various items. They accept gently used clothes, furniture, computers, and everything related to them. Also, you can donate vehicles in any condition even the ones that are no longer in running condition. The great side of donating clothes and furniture at Goodwill is that you will receive a receipt from a donation attendant. At the end of a year, you can claim a tax deduction with that receipt. 

    A Woman’s choice is the place where you can donate baby clothes, baby accessories, cribs, and everything kids-related that your child won’t need anymore. You probably already have more than enough items for interstate movers Seattle to relocate. You don’t need to add outgrown baby clothes and accessories. 

    food in bags
    Donate everything from clothes to food

    4 Paws Rescue Team and Animal Welfare League of Arlington 

    Clothes are not the only items you can donate when moving. You can donate pet-related items to the 4 Paws Rescue Team and Animal Welfare League of Arlington. 4 Paws Rescue Team accepts everything cat-related, while Animal Welfare is a little more open with their donation. They also accept household items such as towels, washcloths, hand towels, pillowcases, and many more. As you can see, you won’t be having a problem finding places where you can donate the items you don’t need anymore. 

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