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Where are Californians moving to?

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More and more, Californians are moving to other American states from their former paradise. The explanations, though baffling to many, boil down to issues like income and housing affordability, among many other things. Chasing their dreams and new home many of them call Los Angeles interstate movers and venture out of the state. Although there are cities in California that are also good for moving, some people want a forest start from further away. So what are those places and just where are Californians moving to?

The state of California

Western American states include California. California shares borders with the Mexican state of Baja California to the south, Oregon to the north, Nevada, and Arizona to the east, and the Pacific Ocean to the west. It is the most populated and the third-largest U.S. state in terms of area, home to roughly 39.2 million people stationed on a total of around 163,696 square miles. Los Angeles Transfer and Storage has its hands full, as a big number of people move here every year.

A brigde in California
Although many people are moving to other states, there are still people moving within California as well.

California was one of pre-Columbian North America’s most culturally and linguistically diverse regions, and it had the highest density of Native Americans north of what is now Mexico prior to the European invasion. The Spanish Empire colonized California as a result of European discovery in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. In the Viceroyalty of New Spain’s province of Alta California in 1804, it was incorporated. Actually, California has a rich history incorporating many events, and as such, it is one of the best places for history lovers.

California was judged to be the 48th greatest state to live in, scoring lower than most on almost all scales.  The biggest factors on the list with the highest weight are affordability and opportunity. Californians shouldn’t be shocked that their state ranks 49th for being the most costly, following only Hawaii. In California, prices for groceries, rent, utilities, and home ownership have all increased significantly over time.

The state of Colorado

So where are Californians moving to? One of those places is the state of Colorado. And before you decide if moving from California to Colorado is for you, you should know some basic things about the state. Colorado is a state in the Western United States Mountain West area. It includes the majority of the Southern Rocky Mountains, as well as the western margin of the Great Plains, the Colorado Plateau’s northeastern region, and most of the Southern Rocky Mountains.

The eighth-largest and 21st-most populous U.S. state is Colorado. Colorado’s population was 5,773,714 according to the 2020 United States Census, a 14.80% increase since the 2010 Census. In this beautiful state, there are many cities people move to due to their great reputation and standards. Our top picks are:

  • Denver
  • Boulder
  • Castle Rock
  • Aurora
Colorado as a place where are Californians moving to
So if you are interested in where are Californians moving to, then Colorado is a place to check out.


When we talk about where are Californians moving to, we have to mention Denver. Denver is most certainly the first city that springs to mind. Especially if you’re contacting long distance movers Los Angeles and relocating to Colorado because it’s the state’s largest city by a wide margin. Numerous young professionals, as well as more and more remote workers, call Denver one of the best cities in Colorado to call home.

However, the cost of living there can be high, and the local school system has a C+ grade for academic performance. However, the city has a lot of parks and outdoor play areas for kids, in addition to a zoo, museums, and other kid-friendly learning venues. The Mile High City is a fun place to live if you can afford the price.


Where are Californians moving to in Colorado? Well, one of the top picks is Boulder! But why do people move there? The University of Colorado Boulder, the biggest university in Colorado, is located in Boulder, which is also a terrific place to live. In Boulder, you’ll never be stuck for things to do. Numerous hiking and mountain biking paths are nearby, and there are many venues for live events, concerts, and museums. From Denver, it takes around 30 minutes for you to come here.

The Boulder Valley School District enjoys a stellar reputation and consistently receives positive feedback. The biggest disadvantage of Boulder is the high cost of living. Only those ski resort towns surpass Boulder’s average housing prices.

Castle Rock

A suburban neighborhood called Castle Rock is located just off the I-25 highway, which links Colorado Springs and Denver. In addition to restaurants, shops, and other attractions, Castle Rock offers a wide variety of outdoor activities for the whole family. One of the best big school districts in the state is located in Castle Rock. One of the best locations to live in Colorado is Castle Rock since it’s a terrific place to raise a family and has more space than more crowded cities.

A city street during fall
The cities here are well connected and pretty close. So going sightseeing is not out of the question.


One of the Colorado cities with the closest proximity to Denver International Airport is Aurora, which is only a brief drive away from Denver. There are many different areas of Aurora because it is a huge metropolis that spans 163 square miles and is located in three different counties. The areas of Aurora Hills, Heather Ridge, and Saddle Rock all receive high rankings for being safe, family-friendly neighborhoods with excellent schools.

The state of Washington

A big number of people are moving from California to Washington. But is this a state for you? Washington is a state in the Pacific Northwest region of the Western United States, according to its official name. The state, which bears George Washington’s name, was created from the western portion of the Washington Territory, which the British Empire had ceded to the United States in 1846 as part of the Oregon Treaty’s resolution of the Oregon boundary conflict.

The state is bordered on the west by the Pacific Ocean, on the south and east by Oregon, and on the north and northwest by British Columbia, a province of Canada. In 1889, it became the 42nd state to be admitted to the Union. Seattle is the largest city in the state, while Olympia is its capital. The top pick for living in W.A.  are  Olympia and Seattle.


In order to answer your “where are Californians moving to?” question, we need to tell you a little about Olympia. It is simple to locate Olympia on a map because it is the largest city in Thurston County, with a total size of 50.97 km2, or roughly 19 square miles. On the southernmost point of Puget Sound, it serves as the county seat of Puget Sound. Washington too has its own Olympia, much like how the Greeks each have their own sanctuary dedicated to the powerful Zeus. Even if you don’t move here you can place your items in storage units Dupont WA and explore.

From Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, it can typically be reached by automobile in 1 hour and 4 minutes at a distance of 61 miles, and by plane in 48 miles. Public transportation options like buses and trains from Lacey, Seattle, and Tacoma transit terminals are also an option for getting to the city. It is simple to find instructions and getting to Olympia, Washington, probably won’t even require a map. Just buckle in, and get ready to be wowed by the sights and city lights you see along the journey.

The capital of US
There are many buildings with beautiful architecture, and as such, this state is heaven for people interested in that.


The next most popular answer to the question “Where are Californians moving to?” is Seattle. If you are considering moving to Seattle from Los Angeles it can be for any of the many excellent reasons. This Pacific Northwest jewel offers so much more than simply top-notch educational institutions, a booming employment market, a distinctive culture, and limitless outdoor adventure choices.

Seattle consistently ranks among the top ten cities in the country to live in, and for good reason. Seattle is known for being ecologically friendly and is also surrounded by lush, evergreen forests. Additionally, its citizens make above-average salaries. Seattle is known for its frequent downpours. Seattle technically receives less rain annually than Houston, New York, or Atlanta, but the winters are frequently gloomy and wet. Nevertheless, Seattle’s summer is the best season. High temperatures and low humidity are ideal conditions for taking a trek or enjoying the day by a lake.

The state of Hawaii

There is no doubt that moving to Hawaii from California is actually quite popular! Do you wish to know why? Hawaii is a state in the Western United States that is separated from the American mainland by nearly 2,000 miles (3,200 km) of the ocean. It is the only U.S. state that is not located in North America, the first and only archipelago state, and the only one that is situated in the tropics.

Hawaii mountains
Many people in Hawaii like to explore nature and discover lagunes as well as wild beaches and enjoy them.

The benefits of Hawaii’s climate, health, recreational possibilities, and cultural diversity are mirrored in the state’s high quality of life. When considering variables such as the environment, low crime rates, educational standards, and lifespan, Hawaii is routinely ranked as one of the finest places to live in. Many people are aware of Hawaii as a desirable travel destination with stunning landscapes, comfortable weather, hospitable locals, and a wide range of cultural and recreational options. Along with other factors, Hawaii is a great place to live.


In order to tell you where are Californians moving to we need to tell you about Honolulu. On Oahu’s south shore is Honolulu. A total of 348,945 people live there. The amount of tourists who visit this city every year is not included in this. Because Honolulu boasts the best urban living characteristics of any city, you’ll love living there. There are many different cultures and lifestyles to encounter because of the large population. Additionally, it has a very tranquil environment with lovely sights to see. You can go on exciting experiences there either by yourself or with your family. Excellent accommodations and solid infrastructure are also present.

The state of Florida

Are you thinking about moving from California to Florida? When asked where are Californians moving to we also have to mention this beautiful state. The state of Florida is situated in the Southeastern part of the country. Florida is the only state that borders both the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean; it is surrounded to the west by the Gulf of Mexico, to the northwest by Alabama, to the north by Georgia, to the east by the Bahamas and the Atlantic Ocean, and to the south by the Straits of Florida and Cuba. There are many beautiful cities you would be interested in this state. But the one most people mention is without a doubt Miami.


Analyzing the benefits and drawbacks in detail is crucial before relocating anywhere. Miami is a lovely and picturesque city in the state of Florida. It has beautiful beaches, and a wide variety of residential neighborhoods, including apartment buildings, single-family homes, and townhouses, as well as retail centers, dining establishments, pubs, and coffee shops. By many measures, that all makes for a great place to live. But just like any city, some parts are more appropriate than others for specific types of residents.

Miami at night as one of the places where are Californians moving to
Miami is a popular destination among Californians

Miami is a city with a lot to offer and where are Californians moving to. But when moving here be careful you pick the right area for yourself. If you want to live in a traditional metropolitan setting, Miami Beach is a great choice. It’s a small neighborhood, and there are many different types of establishments there, including bars, restaurants, coffee shops, retail centers, and apartment buildings. Depending on your interests, you can either buy homes and apartments or rent them. Miami has an excellent public transportation system that is particularly beneficial if you don’t prefer to drive, in addition to being very cyclist and pedestrian friendly.

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