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What to pack to move abroad

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Moving overseas is exciting but at the same time scary. Moving towards something new and unknown especially if you are moving alone is hard. But at the same time, it brings with it many new opportunities in all aspects of life. Even if you are moving from California to Washington or going abroad there are many things to plan. Deciding what to pack to move abroad and what you must have with you is not easy, but we are here to help.

Paperwork is the most important

Whatever you pack to move abroad when talking about furniture or clothing can be replaced. Even if you forget something in most cases you can go out once and be able to replace it. But paperwork doesn’t fall in the same category. It can be hard and a lengthy process to get them after you move. So before southern California movers arrive and you set off make sure to gather all-important paperwork.

  • Adoption or child custody papers.
  • Birth certificate
  • Divorce papers or marriage certificate
  • Driving license
  • Social security cards
  • Dental and medical records
  • School/University records
  • Financial records
  • Travel documents
  • Legal documents and insurance papers
Make sure to bring all the paperwok and pack to move abroad
Make sure everything is signed and stamped, as well as that the dates match. After you move fixing paperwork will be a hassle.

Don’t forget your pets

Of course, if you are moving you are probably bringing your pet as well. But don’t forget there are many laws and necessary items when packing to move abroad with your little friend.

  • Make sure your pet meets the requirements. Check the pet moving policy before moving. Some countries have strict laws regarding animals as well as some animals and breeds that will be denied entry.
  • Get medical and vaccine records on time and be sure to make copies.
  • Health certificate
  • Get a pet carrier¬†as you will not be able to get to a new county without one. You can store the carrier later in storage units Dupont WA.

Make plans on time

When you pick a moving date and have all the arrangements with Los Angeles interstate movers figured out it’s time to make a plan. A timeline of events should be written to account for everything you will need to do before the move. From what to pack to move abroad to savings, as well as time for friends and family, kids checkups, and so on. Make sure to start pacing on time as well as to arrange your new home. Packing pans will help you decide what to pack when moving abroad in a neat manner, as well as declutter while you’re doing that.

Woman carrying boxes
After you make the packing plan it’s time to decide what you will pack to move abroad, and what you will sell or donate.


Before the move when talking with an international moving company Los Angeles you will get the basic knowledge of the money needed to move overseas. One thing you will need to do is calculate if packing all of your furniture to move abroad is a good idea.

Save some moving money by donating some furniture to The Furniture Bank as well as selling them in a yard sale or online. More furniture means more weight which means a more expensive move.

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