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What to pack last when moving

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Many people consider packing to be the most time-consuming and boring task when moving. All the belongings that you need to go through and decide what to do with can make it seem endless. But from all those things, how should you decide what to pack first and what to leave for the end? If you don’t want to think about this, or anything regarding the move, hire one of the best moving company Los Angeles to do it for you. While this might seem like a thing of minor importance, we encourage you to read our article on what to pack last when moving.

What items should you pack last when moving?

It is a rule of thumb when moving with some moving companies Burbank CA to pack the least used items first. This will result in the items that you need frequently being the first to unpack. The items that you need to pack last when moving are:

  • Toiletries and medicine
  • Basic tools
  • Documents
  • Electronic devices
  • Bedding and clothes

Toiletries and medicine

You will need your hygiene items and medications on moving day and on your first day in your new home. These are items that you should have at hand for easy access during the whole process. Apart from the regular things, you can also pack stress and pain relievers, just in case. A first aid kit should also be kept within reaching distance if you decided not to hire help when moving from California to Washington. Injuries can help when least expected, so it is better to be prepared.

Picture of medication
Medication should be always kept in an easily accessible spot

Basic tools

Things like a flashlight, screwdrivers, screws, nails, and duct tape should be always easy to access during a move. You might be in desperate need of some of these things, and you will have to go through so many boxes in some climate controlled storage Los Angeles just to find the exact things that you need.


You probably won’t pack your ID or your driver’s license, but you might think about packing your contract with the movers, inventory list, or the map of the new area. These things don’t take up too much space, so you can easily keep them in your bag during moving day.

Electronic devices

Electronic devices like phones, tablets, laptops, etc. should be also packed last. These are fragile items that should be transported in your vehicle, especially during a long distance move. You will also have to use some of them during the move itself, so it is better to keep them with you. Don’t forget to pack their chargers also, in case the trip takes longer than expected.

Picture of a laptop computer
Electronic devices are also one of the things that you should pack last


As you can see, the things that you should pack last when moving are the things that you will need on moving day or shortly after. There is no need to go through packed boxes when you can keep necessities at hand. We wish you successful packing and an easy move!

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