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What to do with used moving boxes after a move

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After the move when movers and packers Los Angeles have successfully finished relocation of your belongings, all that’s left is to unpack. But after you unpack you will be left with a lot of moving boxes. So the question now is what will you do with used moving boxes after a move? There are many options and ideas you can come up with. From the option of throwing away your moving boxes after the big day, to some more environmentally friendly and useful ways. Here are some of our suggestions as well.

Donate or give away your boxes

You can always call around town. Contact some businesses or locals in order to see if any of them need extra boxes. This is a nice way to help someone out as well as yourself. If you don’t find anyone that can help you figure out what to do with used moving boxes after a move you can also try contacting

  • Libraries
  • Schools
  • Grocery stores
  • Apartment complexes
  • A local charity or a shelter

Even though most of them already have boxes but it’s never enough. Or who knows maybe one of your neighbors has decided on moving from Colorado to California and is in need of boxes in order to pack all of his things.

A pile of used boxes
If you don’t know what to do with used moving boxes after a move you are at the right place. There are many solutions that can help you out.

Recycle boxes

One thing to do with used moving boxes after a move is to recycle them. This happens to be the best option for damaged boxes as well as the ones that are still in good shape. You only need to break them down and take them to a local recycling center. Of course, if you have a home recycle bin large enough you can also place them there. If you still have some items that you want to place in storage units Denver the boxes can come in handy there as well.

Some cities have an option where you can call your local recycling center and request for them to come over and pick up your boxes. But in order to see if your city has them, you have to call and ask. This is the best thing to do anyway as some centers have certain requirements like maybe they want you to flatten or shape boxes into certain sizes.  Thought you may also need to have a specific number of boxes in order to qualify for their pickup services.

Use them at home

After moving services Los Angeles are finished and you unpack, one of the things you can do with used moving boxes after a move is keep them. You can always use them at home. Depending on the size and sturdiness they can have different uses in the home. For example, larger and sturdier boxes can be kept in the stick and can be used as storage. From Christmas decorations, and birthday decorations to clothes (in the winter summer, and in summer winter clothes). Also, they can be a good way to store baby items as well as some sentimental items you do not wish to discard. As for smaller boxes they can be kept and used as gift boxes.

One more thing you can do with used moving boxes after a move is used them from projects.  For example, you can make dollhouses for your children or tunnels for your pets as well as many more things. All out of used cardboard boxes.

Decorated boxes as one thing to do with used moving boxes after the move
You can decorate the boxes. Paint them or cover them in wrapping paper. This way you can use them as birthday boxes.

Save them

Who knows if you will move again. So many people decide to store and keep their boxes in order to be ready for future moves. Especially if you are someone who moves a lot due to work or any other reason. You should already be aware of what to do with used moving boxes after a move. Sure there are some items and furniture that don’t require boxes, but professional help. For example pianos. They are too big and heavy so they can not be put in any box whatsoever. So in those cases, people call piano movers Los Angeles. But those items are rare exceptions. Other things will require boxes and other packing materials.

Sell the boxes

What can you also do with used moving boxes after a move? Well, sell them of course. After moving and spending lots of money on packing materials as well as movers and the move itself some extra money would always be welcomed. There are many local companies that buy and sell moving boxes. Just doing a simple google search on “Who buys used boxes” can yield many results. Also, there are many online sites for example BoxCycle platform that will not only help you sell your used ones but if you ever need them again will help you get new ones.

Man taking away used boxes
There are many companies that are in need of used boxes. So there are probably many ways for you to sell it or gift it to them.

Hire a company to remove them

There are many companies that not only pack your items, and help you move but also unpack and take away the boxes. When talking with your company ask about the services they provide. If they have the option of taking away boxes that is a good deal. If not you can research companies that do and hire them separately.

Compost them

One of the things to do with used moving boxes after a move is composting them. Cardboard can easily be added to a compost pile and used for gardening. This goes for cardboard that’s gotten wet or was in contact with substances that are edible. Areas ruined by spilled cleaning supplies, bathing products, or other inedible substances should be removed. If you don’t know how to compost at home, you can always call up nearby farms or gardening centers. Maybe some of them will express interest in your used cardboard.

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