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What to do when moving to Los Angeles alone

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Moving on your own is never an easy task. That’s why we as one of the leading moving companies in California would like to help you. You can do a lot of things here in LA and you can meet a lot of nice people. The whole Hollywood craze and getting famous plans are quite well known by the inhabitants of LA. So other than trying to have a small cameo or a major role in the next Avengers movie, there are plenty of other things that you can focus on. So let’s explore together what to do when moving to Los Angeles alone, let’s dive in!

Check the renting and housing prices before moving to Los Angeles alone

We know that most of you already did this but check it daily. Since the ongoing post-pandemic inflation has caused our economy to go into recession, this is not a good sign. Residential moving companies Los Angeles CA have noticed that more people are moving in and out. The rent price in November 2022 for a one-bedroom apartment is $2,457 and that’s 12% since November 2021. While the rent price for a studio is $1,795 and that’s a 6% increase. But this is all just statistics and it shows us the median price of all renting properties and LA is you know a huge city. So if you want to live in Westwood one of the most desired parts of LA you would have to pay $2,999 for one bedroom apartment or $2,128 for a studio; Westwood prices increased by 13% compared to last November.

A woman dressed in angel costume sitting on the floor, thinking about what to do when moving to Los Angeles alone;
Don’t get carried away by unrealistic dreams, rather check the rent and housing prices first.

On the other hand, there is a neighborhood with a decrease of 21% and that’s Culver City. It’s quite popular because it’s located between Santa Monica and Venice beaches. This is a great place if you’re moving alone so it’s full of young professionals and artists.  If you’re looking for a job there Venice is nearby with some of the biggest tech companies in the world. A lot of young people are moving to LA to work with Alphabet, Meta, Amazon, Microsoft, or any other big giant tech. While others are looking for a career in fashion, arts, design, and similar professionals. It’s true that in most of these professions you can find work here. But most positions are available for managers, designers, aerospace engineers, hospitality, trade, IT engineers, and in the fashion industry.

Think about the cost of living when moving to Los Angeles alone

We’ve talked about renting but if you run out of money and you’re all alone in Los Angeles that’s not a good thing.  So you must take care of your finances and you should think about other factors that’ll impact your budget. For example, if you’re moving from Colorado to California the cost of living is drastically different. Let’s say that you’re moving from Denver where the cost of living is just 14% above the national average. Housing prices are 38% above the national average but utilities are 18% below the national average and groceries are 5% below nat average. Now let’s compare that to Los Angles where the prices are 49% above the national average. Just housing is 129% above the national average while groceries are 13% above the national average and so are utilities by 7%.

A calculator, dollar bills, a pen, and a note on a white surface;
Calculating the cost of living is the number 1 thing that you should do.

In other words, be sure that you have enough money also here the gallon of gas is above $6 on average. So if you own a car that one expense more and probably higher than back in your hometown. The median house is $910,328 while the median home price is $379,100 on average in the US.  Health care is 11% higher than the national average while the phone bill is $200. So if you don’t have a well-paying job and you’re moving to LA it can get pretty tough. The ideal situation is that you’re moving because of a good job that you’ve already got online. You should bring some extra cash with you always, especially when you’re moving alone and if you don’t know anyone in LA.

Moving and packing for Los Angeles

This can be quite difficult if you need to DIY and nobody is here to help you. So you should first make a plan and create an inventory (paper or virtual) of all the things that you have. After that, you should it’s time for some proper decluttering. Take all of your items and separate them into one of these six or more categories; sell, trash, recycle, pack,  store and donate. You can add or remove any of these categories which is great and it can fit your preference. After that, you should start packing the sooner the better and you can try some eco-friendly versions. That means that you’ll pack into empty suitcases your things and some free boxes that you can find behind supermarkets, just make sure that they’re not wet. Moving supplies that you’ll anyway need are:

  • Moving boxes of all sizes
  • Painters tape, packing tape, scotch tape, and duck tape
  • Furniture pads
  • Markers in different colors
  • Wrapping paper and bubble wrap
  • ForceFlex trash bags
  • Scissors and a utility knife
A box with a tape on it;
Packing and moving alone can be much easier if someone can help you out.

The list can go on and on but you can customize it according to your own needs. On the other hand, renting storage units Denver CO is only $110/month on average compared to $202 in L.A. So think about this too. Also, you should think about hiring pro movers since they can move a one-bedroom apartment in a couple of hours with all the packing. They can also unpack it fast since they’re well-trained young professionals who know how to do their job. Moving pros also possess skills in terms of packing, properly loading the truck, avoiding traffic jams, etc.

There are many things to consider when moving to Los Angeles alone

These were our thoughts on what to do when moving to Los Angeles alone. As we’ve already written it’s important to reconsider everything; starting with your financial status, and differences in cost of living to moving and packing or hiring moving pros. It’s up to you so take a piece of paper and pen and put it all down. It’ll be much easier once you have everything written down and you have a plan.  We hope that you’ll have a stress-free move and a nice time in Los Angeles.

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