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What to do before vacating a rental property – 5 essential steps

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    Moving from a place that you called home is never easy. Even if you might go towards better times, you will always have memories from your current home. Leaving a rented place behind might seem like there will be no strings attached, but it is still difficult. Whatever you do, the feeling will be there. But before you get all emotional about leaving, keep in mind that you have responsibilities to fulfill before leaving. If you are wondering what to do before vacating a rental property, the list is quite long. If you want to shorten it to just a bit, hire some cleaning services Los Angeles to help you. There are also other things to do besides this, so keep reading.

    What to do before vacating a rental property?

    Wondering what to do before vacating a rental property will leave you with many questions. And if moving wasn’t enough, now you have additional things to worry about. Doing this before moving with some full service movers Los Angeles might seem like a waste of time, but trust us. It will help you avoid many problems in the future, so:

    • Inform the landlord about the move
    • Check the agreement
    • Settle any debts
    • Clean until spotless
    • Check everything before leaving
    Picture of a man thinking what to do before vacating a rental property
    Doing things now will help you avoid problems in the future

    Inform the landlord

    This should be the first thing you do, even before getting some moving services Los Angeles. You are living on a property that is a wonder by someone else, so you will have to play by their rules. They won’t be able to stop you from moving, but you should give them a heads-up well ahead of time.

    Check the agreement

    A rental agreement is a contract that the landlord and the tenants sign when moving into the property. It contains details that you need to pay attention to, both when you sign and when you are about to terminate the agreement. Most landlords ask for a deposit before you move in, so don’t forget about this part when you move out.

    What to do before vacating a rental property – settle debts

    While moving, you can easily forget about important things. Even though bills seem so mundane and routine, they can be forgotten as soon as you leave the envelope. Not paying them and for example, moving to Hawaii from California will cause you many headaches, so try not to forget about them while you are still there.

    Clean until spotless

    In case you won’t hire help to do this, you will have to do it yourself. Leaving the apartment clean after you is the right way to move on. A rule of thumb is to leave the apartment the same way that you found it when you moved in, but you should always do what feels right.

    Check everything before leaving

    Even though you stuffed full each of the moving boxes Los Angeles, you can still have forgotten something somewhere. Before you close the door one last time, pass through the place one more time, opening everything. It is better to be safe than sorry.

    Picture of a woman looking around
    When wondering what to do before vacating a rental property, look around for forgotten things

    If you are wondering if there are any more tasks on the list of what to do before vacating a rental property, you should be carefree. The 5 things we listed are the most important ones regarding the rental property. We wish you good luck with your move!

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