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What not to pack when you move?

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Planning a move is not an easy job. It is always wiser to contact one of the professional moving companies and hire them. But, you can pack your things. However, you need to know what things to pack and what not to pack when you move. In our guide you will find those answers. So, stay with us and learn all about packing.

Pack your car for shipping

Packing up a vehicle is not a job you can do on your own. That is a job for a professional moving team. Let’s say that you want to relocate your vehicle to Florida, from California. If that is the case and want to ship car from California to Florida hire professional movers which experts will deal with packing your vehicle for shipping. When you want to ship your car, that is a”not to pack when you move” thing. Because only an expert team knows what moving supplies to use, what size and material, in order to ship your car safely to a pointed location.

You need to inspect your car first and find out if there are some cracks, scratches, or insects in it. Because if there are, you need to fix them. During transportation, they will become bigger. So, don’t let that happen and check your car closely before you even contact your movers. Then let them pack your vehicle for shipping.

-woman in the car
When you are preparing a vehicle for moving, call professional to help you pack it.

Not to pack when you move- food

Well, food is definitely one of those things that are not to pack when you move. You just cannot pack open cans, bags of frozen food, etc. It can rot during transportation and damage other things. So, when you move, not to pack food! But, before you begin with packing get professional help. If you are moving to Orange County, you will need assistance from movers Orange County.  Their help is priceless because they will give you advice on what to pack and whatnot. They have wast experience in this matter and there is no better than them in this business.

But, be sure that you left open cans and frozen food in the garbage. Just open the refrigerator and clean it. Throw everything that can cause problems during transportation. Because transportation can last for weeks sometimes. Plants are not fo packing also. Because they are fragile and they will surely die in transportation. So, read our instructions and don’t have problems with packing.

-fnot to pack when you move
Food cans are on the “not to pack when you move” list because they can damage other things during transportation.


As you can see, when you move not to pack list will not be small. There are things that that you just cannot take with you. Let’s give a close look at what are they:

  • batteries
  • alcohol
  • liker
  • open cans of food and vegetables
  • plants
  • nail polish
  • aerosols
  • household cleaners with ammonia
  • fresh herbs and flowers

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