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What is the best time to relocate your business to LA?

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    Congratulations! Your company is expanding, and you’ve decided it is time to relocate your business to LA. Although exciting, moving your office to another city comes with its own set of challenges. There are several aspects you should consider before the actual move to Los Angeles.  Choosing a reliable commercial mover in Los Angeles is one of the first steps. Check out moving help Los Angeles for more ideas and details about the relocation process.

    Things to consider before the move

    There are a few things you need to take into consideration when planning the relocation process:

    • the best time of year to move your business
    • the best time of week to move offices to Los Angeles
    • consult your employees about the move on time
    • ask your moving company about the best time to relocate your business to LA

    The best time of year to move your business

    The best time of year to relocate your business will depend on the type of business you have. If you are working in tourism your busy season is probably during the summer, while the winter months may be a bit slower. For you the winter would be the ideal time to expand the company. If your business is tied to retail, it is likely that you are busiest during the holiday season. If late November and December are your busiest months, you want to arrange the relocation during the time you have the least amount of workload. Either way, you will want to move your office during the slow season. That way, you can reduce your financial losses to a minimum.

    A decorated Christmas tree means it's the holidays which may not be the best time to relocate your business to LA if you work in retail
    The holidays are not the best time to move a company for those working in retail

    It is important to also consider the weather when you plan your relocation. For example, if you are moving from Washington to California during the winter months, you may face different weather conditions since California tends to have milder climate conditions. On the other hand, Washington can be quite cold and damp during the winter. Therefore, you will need to properly store your assets in WA to avoid damage. It is a smart move to choose a moving company which has a selection of storage facilities, such as storage units Dupont, WA so you can pick the right one for your needs.

    The best time of week to move offices to Los Angeles

    It is important to plan ahead of time whether you’ll be moving your offices to LA on a weekday or during the weekend. That decision mainly depends on your workload during the week and whether or not weekend days are working days in your company.

    • If you choose the best time to relocate your business to LA  is during the week 

      You will need to calculate how affected your business will be by being off work on the day(s) of moving. It is also useful to consult a local commercial mover for help and tips. For example, try searching for moving companies Burbank, CA. They will have exact information on the density of traffic in LA during the week. That way, you can avoid moving during rush hours and losing precious time there.

    Cars stuck in a traffic jam during rush hours can make the relocation process exhausting
    Rush hour is not the best time to relocate your business to LA
    • If your company is closed during the weekend and that is when you choose to move 

      It is good to consult your employees whether they are fine with using their free time to help you set everything up once the office is moved to LA. Depending on how far you are moving the business, not everyone will be keen on sacrificing their days off because the office is being relocated. You can offer bonuses or gift cards as an incentive. Remember, employee satisfaction is directly related to business success.

    Consult your employees about the move on time

    You need to tell your employees that you are planning on relocating the business to LA well ahead of time. Not every person who works for your company will want to move, if you are relocating interstates, e.g. moving from Washington to California. The final decision is up to you, of course, but is is a good idea to hear your employees’ opinions as well. Some of your employees might not be keen on the idea of moving for work. It is important to give them enough time to find another job. Also, the people who are willing to move need enough time to plan their relocation to LA. You want to, if possible, plan the move when it is at everyone’s convenience. That way, your employees will feel respected and appreciated, and will likely be more prone to moving along with your company.

    Ask your moving company about the best time to relocate your business to LA

    Hiring a commercial mover is your safest bet when it comes to moving a business to Los Angeles. They will have the most accurate information and will tell you about the optimal time for relocating your offices. A professional moving company will also pack your assets much more carefully than you ever could. They have vast experience with packing bulky and heavy objects such as your Game room pool table, as well as the more fragile office supplies. For such bulky objects as a pool table which most companies have in their Game rooms nowadays, you will want to look up pool table movers Los Angeles for professional help.

    a professional commercial mover thinking when is the best time to move your business to LA
    Your commercial mover will help you decide on the best time to move your office to LA

    Equally important, the moving companies are familiar with the weather conditions in different areas all year round. They will be able to give you tips on the best time to relocate your business to LA and how to properly store your assets when it comes to moving during different seasons. Another aspect you should consider is that it might be a bad idea to move during peak moving season. The mover you hire might have some useful advice regarding this issue as well.

    The next step

    After consulting your employees, your commercial mover and after taking into consideration the best season and time during the week to move, hopefully you’ve decided on the best time to relocate your business to LA. Now it is time to start planning the actual relocation. Good luck, and remember –  LA is the city of opportunities! Make sure you make good use of them!

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