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What is a binding estimate

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    The moving process is not only about moving your items from one place to another. There is a moving terminology you would want to learn more about. Once you find out what means what, you will have no hard time figuring out what kind of estimate is for you. In our guide, you will find out what is a binding estimate and what you can expect from it. Just continue reading and learn more.

    What is a binding estimate – a definition

    When we talk about binding estimate we need to mention that this represents the price of the move you will pay. This means that even if your items are heavier or lighter, you will still pay the settled price. This is an estimate most people use when moving locally since it will not warry.

    a calculator used to calculate binding estimate
    A binding estimate is a fixed cost of the move

    Binding estimates serve as a point on which moving companies and customers can do business. This means that is a good start when dealing with movers. And only good moving companies in Colorado will have an affordable estimate. Make sure to spend some time negotiating to try and get a good price.

    What are the rules of a binding estimate?

    As with every kind of estimate, there are some rules that it needs to follow. So, without getting any more confusing, here they are:

    • Bdingin estimate needs to precisely describe what you are moving, its weight, and how far. This is something that can heavily influence the moving quote Denver when relocating.
    • You will set a precise date of the move, and you will pay your movers once the relocation is completed. There are several options you can choose from as a way of payment, but the moving company will tell you more about it.
    • Movers have to make a detailed list of items you are transporting. This is to protect you and them from any possible issues.
    • The contract must be clear and not hold anything in between the lines.
    a signature on a contract
    A contract must be concise

    These are the rules a moving company needs to follow when they are preparing you for the move. Also, they need to clarify what kind of moving services in Denver they provide. As well as how much they cost.

    How does it go

    You need to have in mind that this estimate is not final on its first proposition. You will have to put a list of items you are transporting if you need packing supplies, their overall weight, and how far you are moving. Movers will then give you an overall estimate that is not final. Although it is not common, you can still negotiate a price before signing the estimate. Once the representative arrives and calculates everything, they will give you another estimate. Now, even that is not final until you bot compares notes and seal the deal. Then you are ready to move.

    There is one thing you need to do before you even ask for an estimate. And that is to find a good moving company. You can only do this if you know what to ask your movers before hiring them. It will give you a good idea of what to expect from them.

    We hope that now you know what a binding estimate is and what to expect from it. Shedding some light on this question means a lot for any future movers who want to learn more about moving. You can give us a call if you have any other questions or simply visit our blog.

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