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What are the different types of moving estimates

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    If you are about to move soon you will be needing help. Relocation on your own can be challenging but if you hire reputable Colorado movers and they will do all the work for you. Before choosing your moving company you should do the research and ask for a moving estimate. If you didn’t know, there are three types of moving estimates. Understanding the ins and outs of your moving estimate is crucial to a successful move. So, continue reading to find out more about all three types of moving quotes.

    Types of moving estimates

    When preparing for the move, you should be careful when choosing movers that will help you. Make sure you do the research and find movers that will provide you the best moving services in Denver. Contact several moving companies, ask them all the questions you want, and ask them for a free estimate. But, be careful, there are three types of moving estimate and you should know what does that means. There is:

    • binding estimate
    • non-binding estimate
    • the last one on the list of types of moving estimates, binding not-to-exceed

    So, before you accept the offer of some of the companies, make sure you know what does that includes. Check the rates, all expenses, if there is insurance, moving supplies Denver movers offer, etc. Everything that is agreed, should be in your contract.

    moving estimate
    Check what is included in the moving estimate that movers offer before you accept it.

    Binding estimate

    A binding estimate is when the mover guarantees a fixed cost estimate based on the approximate weight of the customer’s belongings. The mover will not be allowed to change the price. If you have more than estimated you will still pay the same price. But, that also means that the customer won’t pay any less either. If their belongings end up weighing less than was originally estimated, they will still have to pay the fixed cost. So, think this through if you hire residential movers Denver residents recommend, then you should think twice if they offer you a binding estimate.

    Non-binding estimate

    A non-binding estimate is not fixed and will most likely change depending on the actual weight of your items. If you accept a non-binding estimate it could set you up to pay more than expected. So, this is not maybe the best option.

    Binding Not-To-Exceed

    The binding not-to-exceed estimate is maybe the most popular, especially if your move is an interstate or long-distance move. This type of estimate means that even if the weight of a customer’s shipment exceeds the original estimate, they won’t be charged anything extra. They will only pay what they were originally quoted. In case the shipment weighs less than originally estimated, the customer will only have to pay for the cost of shipping the actual weight. This means if you agree to a binding not-to-exceed estimate, you could end up paying less than originally agreed upon. So, this is why this type of estimate is actually the best choice.

    If you choose a binding not-to-exceed estimate, you will only pay the actual weight of your move.

    Contact several moving companies and ask for a free estimate. Check the rate and conditions and find movers that suit your needs and budget, and with the best type of moving estimate, of course.

    So, now you know the types of moving estimates there are. When you decide to move and hire a moving company and they offer you one of these moving estimates you will know exactly what that means. 

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