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Ways to involve your children in the moving process

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Preparing for the move is difficult. If you are moving from Denver to Seattle or to any other city with kids it can be really challenging. As soon as you learn that you are going to move start with preparations. Don’t stress out in the very beginning, you can involve your children in the moving process. Here are some ideas about how to handle the move with kids.

Start early

Whether you are moving alone or with your children, it is important to start early with moving preparation so you can finish everything on time. As soon as you decide to move you should tell that to your children. It can be a shock for them, maybe they aren’t prepared to leave their friends, school, or simply to change the environment. Talk with them about the move, let them tell you their opinions, their doubts or fears. If you have older children, you can choose with them a new school and make this moving project easier. If you have toddlers, it will be a change for them too. You can visit your neighbors with them and let them say goodbye. This is important before you start with moving preparations to make your children understand that you are moving and that they can help and participate in the moving process.

make a plan
To have a successful relocation make a good plan.

So you can have a successful and stress-free relocation, communicate with your children, and make a good plan. Here are some things you can do to handle easier moving with kids:

  • ┬áinvolve your children in the moving process and let them decided what to pack or not
  • ask for some help
  • hire children-friendly movers

Involve your children in the moving process

Moving with children doesn’t need to be necessarily exhausting. You can let them participate. Moving is an ideal moment to declutter your home. While you are deciding about decluttering the items from the kitchen, living room, etc you can let your children declutter their rooms and decide what to pack and what they can throw away or donate. When it comes to decluttering your home, make sure you get rid of all the items that do not have any sentimental value and that you haven’t been using for a long time. You don’t have to throw away these items, you can give them to some friends or family, organize a garage sale, or you can donate the items that are in good condition.

Keep your children occupied so you can pack for the move easier.

If you don’t have enough space for all your belongings contact your movers and ask them for storage services. Measure your belongings to choose the right storage unit. If you hire reliable movers they will do all the work for you and choose the storage unit that suits your needs. Make sure you choose a secure and climate-controlled storage unit.

Packing with children

When it comes to packing, it is very exhausting with or without your children around. You can involve them in packing too. Let them pack their essentials box. If you have toddlers you can let them decorate moving boxes to occupy their time and you can pack other items in the house. If you have some valuable and massive items like the piano, you can hire the best piano movers in Denver to help you. You will not have to worry about packing and carrying it to the moving truck.

Before you pack your belongings make sure you wash them and clean them properly. Let them dry completely before packing. This is why it is important to start packing on time. You will be needing a lot of packing supplies, so make sure you have enough cardboard boxes in different sizes, then plastic bins, packing tape, moving blankets, furniture sliders, a dolly, but also some tools to disassemble some massive furniture. Packing the kitchen can be maybe the most difficult task when moving so make sure you hire appliance movers Denver residents recommend and let them do all the work. You won’t be needing some manuals to unplug them, your movers will take care of everything. Meanwhile, you can focus on your children and help them pack their belongings.

If you have school-aged children and teenagers they can participate in the moving process. They can help you with cleaning, decluttering, and packing. It is a lot easier to organize the move with them. With toddlers, it can be pretty difficult to occupy their time and organize the move. On the other hand, if you have a backyard you can give them some toys, crayons, and papers and leave them to play while you are packing. Ask your family or friends to watch them for a while. Finally, if you don’t want to bother them you can hire a babysitter.

moving with children
Hire a babysitter to help you with children while preparing for the move.

Hire children friendly movers

Moving is easier if you have professionals on your side. You will not have to think about packing supplies, renting moving trucks and storage units. Search on the internet to find a moving company. And what is more important is to find children-friendly movers.

After the move – Involve your children in the moving process

When you arrive at your new home do not start unpacking the furniture immediately. Let your children unpack their belongings and set their rooms. They will feel much better if they have familiar items all-around their room. It is normal that you want to unpack everything so you can continue with your everyday routine but you will feel much better if your kids are satisfied with their space in the house. You can postpone unpacking and go for a walk. Let your children meet their new city, see the parks where they can play or get to know other entertainment places. When moving is over they will start feeling at home very soon.

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