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Ways to be a good neighbor on moving day

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When you take a look at what types of relocations exist, you will see that there are many reasons and ways to move. Overall, the most common type is residential relocation. It makes sense, right? There are many families that move each year. Whether it is for a new job, moving to be close to family, or simply craving a fresh start, moving is pretty common. Among all the things you have to take care of when leaving a house, you should also keep your neighbors in mind. Some of them may have grown to be your good friends, some have stayed mere acquaintances. Either way, you should still be a good neighbor on moving day, no matter what your relationship with them is. After all, your move will not only impact your family, but also the neighborhood you’re leaving.

a group of people having a barbecue in the backyard
Whether it’s inviting them over for dinner or letting them know your moving schedule in advance, there are many ways to be a good neighbor on moving day.

A good neighbor on moving day will carefully construct their moving schedule

We know that the key to a good relocation is a careful moving plan. When you first consider relocating to another place, you will see that there are many tasks you will need to complete. One of them is agreeing with movers at what time they will come to pick up your belongings. Here’s the thing. We all know that one neighbor that sometimes mows their lawn at 7 am. They end up waking everyone in the street up. You don’t want to be that guy!

Keep the rest of the street in mind when you set a time for the moving time to arrive. We suggest doing this during the workweek since many people will be out of their homes. You can also go the extra mile and try not to make a lot of noise early in the morning. So, if your schedule allows it, an ideal time to work with movers will be from 9 am to 4 pm.

Let your neighbors know in advance

There are many reasons why you should notify your neighbors about your move. As we already mentioned, some of them may be your good friends and you’ll want them to know where you’ll be moving. But, there are other, more practical reasons you should inform them of this process.

  • You’ll need to ensure there will be enough space for the moving truck to park. As we all know, some streets are very narrow. If street parking is allowed, the movers might not be able to park their truck nearby. The inability to get close to your house might increase your overall moving costs. That is why it is in your best interest to get them access to your driveway. If your neighbors know when you’ll be moving, they will be considerate and move their vehicles out of the way.
a white car in the driveway
Being mindful of your neighbors’ cars is one way to show them you care about them even when you’re moving away.
  • A more fun reason to talk with your neighbors about the relocation is to plan a farewell party! Whether they want to do it in their yard, or you want to plan one last barbeque, it’s up to you. Either way, it’s a nice way to say goodbye to the people that lived in the area you are leaving. They’ll need some time to plan this event and gather everyone around.

Paying attention to rules is another way to be a good neighbor on moving day

This goes along the first reason for notifying the neighborhood of your move. Not only do you want to make sure they move their vehicles, but there might be other permissions you’ll need to obtain. These might include quiet hours, weight and height regulations, parking rules, etc. Sometimes you may not only block a neighbor’s car but the entire street and cause traffic jams. While you might forget about your vehicle, because you decided to ship a car from California to New York, your neighbor still needs it to get to work. Be mindful of their needs and try not to make anyone late! 

Organize a yard sale to get rid of items you don’t want to bring along

When moving to another place, people often decide they want to downsize. No matter what the reason for this is, they’ll need some way to get rid of the belongings they don’t use anymore. One way to do that, and to be a good neighbor during this moving process, is to organize a yard sale. There will always be others who might find a good use for something you no longer want or need. Better yet, it’s another way to mingle and hang out with your neighbors before you move out. Also, you can donate books and toys to a local school or shelter.

boy selling his stuffed toys on the pavement
Selling their old toys in a yard sale may be a fun learning activity for your kids – even though it may not seem like that at first.

In case you are moving to a house with less space, and you still have things left over after the sale, don’t worry. There are a bunch of options for storage Los Angeles in case you want to rent a facility. Storage is not as expensive as you may think at first. They are also very secure, and you can rest assured that everything you put inside will be protected.

Be a good neighbor when you move to a new location as well

In the end, we don’t want to forget the new neighbors either. When you arrive at your destination, take some time to settle in your new house or apartment. After a while, you’ll end up running into people who live in the same building or street as you. Introduce yourself and try to mingle – you never know who might become a good friend in the end! Some of them may knock on your door and break the ice, but it’s not always going to be the case. First impressions are what counts – there’s no reason to be a bad neighbor!

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