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Ways to baby-proof your new home after moving to LA

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The moving process itself is difficult. When you have a kid, priorities are changing. That also means that when moving with a kid, also, the kid needs to come first and everything needs to be clean. Therefore, in order to make it easier for yourself, make sure to do a bit of research about cleaning services Los Angeles so that you can put your mind at ease.

Sunset in LA
LA is pretty amazing indeed, but you need to think about your baby also

It is not only about the baby-proof of your new home after moving to LA-there is more

The change is almost always good. That does not mean it is easy. there is a lot of stress when you move long distance in the USA.  The pre-moving state of mind of both parents is not so great. Both of you are probably considering the good and bad sides of parenting culture in LA. For example, there is a thing of the box passed around between parents in some schools in LA. Parents collect “wet ones” after playtime with musical instruments or similar – items that had been in babies’ mouths. After that, they need to sterilize the box.
A day-care teacher and the kids
Parenting in LA is not only about baby-proofing you need to take care of everything

After LA decision and parenting-moving to LA-make an actual plan

Now, when you carefully thought about moving to LA and all the good and bad things you need to start thinking about the actual moving process. Besides cleaning services, first and foremost you need a company. That is why you need to investigate online a bit about affordable moving companies Los Angeles and to choose the most suitable one. A rough draft of a plan can look like this:

  • bathroom and kitchen
  • living room and nursery
  • stairs
A man and a laptop
Having a plan is very important

Bathroom and kitchen baby-proof of your new home

Make sure to secure the cabinet doors. Remove all hazardous chemicals out of the baby rich. Be very careful about the high chair you use to feed your child. When you baby-proof your new home you have to be careful in all rooms of course. So, for child-proof careless moving to LA, please be very detailed. Make sure to put non-slippery mats only on the bathroom floor. Have a toilet lock and also secure the medicine cabinet-this is very important.

Living room

If you have some art you need to move just type art movers Los Angeles and the problem is over. Also, do not forget to baby-proof your artsy living room. Using soft cable ties secure your TV cables. Babyproofing the bookshelves is also very important. Absolutely all sharp corners of the living room furniture need to be covered. If there is a fireplace, it has to have a protective screen.

Stairs and nursery baby-proof

The rug in the nursery needs to be soft and all the stuffed toys need to be out of the crib. Install the banisters. In addition, install the safety gate. Safety gates need to be at the top and bottom of the stairs. They should disable the child’s reach to the staircase. Hire a professional to cover all that.

All in all, it is very difficult to think about everything when moving. Especially when you are moving with children. Additionally is even more difficult to think about the baby-proofing of your new home accordingly. However, If you have help and make a good plan, the sky is the limit and your enjoyment of the new LA experience can start.

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