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Understanding storage prices in Denver

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Welcome to Denver Colorado! So you’ve decided to move here and that’s just great. Now if you didn’t declutter well or you just don’t want to throw away some things, you’ll need storage. That’s why we as one of the most reliable moving and storing companies would like to help you. You can certainly find great storage units Denver CO but you will have to understand the price ranges and storage in general. Understandably, people don’t want to throw things away as many of them increase rather than decrease in value over time. For example old toys that many people regarded as junk or old comics are now worth solid gold. So if didn’t sell it, recycle it, threw it away, or put it in your apartment, you can only store it. Now let’s dive into understanding storage prices in Denver together.

Understanding what kind of storage you need in Denver

Most of all it depends if you’re moving and need just portable containers or real storage in Denver. Portable containers are used if you’re moving so it’s not a good long-term solution. Secondly, they have 385 cubic feet of space so you can find a small apartment in them. But instead of that if you’re moving from California to Colorado it’s much safer and easier to hire moving pros. They’re well-equipped well-trained professionals who can help you relocate faster. For example, do you know that moving professionals (with proper training) can pack two bedroom apartment or a house in less than two hours? Also, they can upload or load a full moving truck in under 80 minutes. So let the pros do their job and move you without you renting any containers; unless you want to move, that’s a whole other story.

A professional mover holding a box while thinking about understanding storage prices in Denver;
Professional movers will store your things in no time.

You’ll need storage in other situations like if you’re renovating a home. This way you’ll avoid paint splashes and your belongings being destroyed in the process. On the other hand, this is a must when you’re in decluttering phase and can’t decide what to do with items. Also if you need more space and you can’t decide what to do with that sofa that you like so much; simply put it away in a storage unit and you can decide later. Now depending on what you’ll put in your storage, we’ve discussed that you need rental storage for long-term or short-term use.  The one that most people use is climate-controlled storage or temperature-controlled storage. Most Los Angeles interstate movers would advise you to pick some of those and there’s a good reason why.

Climate-controlled storage vs temperature-controlled storage

Understanding storage prices in Denver will be much easier after we explain this to you. First of all, let’s assume that you’re moving from Colorado to California. As you might have guessed the temperature-controlled storage will be perfect for this; since the temperatures are quite different in California when we compare them with Colorado. In December the average temperature is 46°F / 16°F in Colorado compared to 60°F to 43°F in California. As you can see it’s much different and since your things especially furniture will be left in a garage in a shed they’ll most probably be stored in by the harsh winters of Denver. If you don’t want this to happen think about renting temperature-controlled storage.  This is a good solution to protect your inventory from different forces of nature and sudden temperature changes.

Two man going around a warehouse;
Climate-controlled storage is your best option.

Other than simple temperature there is also humidity which is more important for things like the future, arts, leather, etc. You can control humidity only by renting or buying climate-controlled storage. The average price of this storage is about $102.39 per month. We at Los Angeles Transfer and Storage can assure you that it’ll cause more good than harm, especially in the long run. We’ll provide you with a list of materials that require climate control:

  • Any type of drugs and beauty treatment products
  • Musical instruments of all types included and all types of arts (paintings, vases, oil on canvas, etc.)
  • Clothes and any other types of fabrics.
  • Any home appliances such as blenders, mixers, cookers of any type, etc.
  • Plastic (CDs, VHSs, DVDs, and Blueray;), Vinyl (records), and times made of wax (candles).
  • Anything made from wood: furniture paper (newspaper, comics, documents, boxes, etc.

What are the storage prices in Denver?

If you want the cheapest option you can rent a 5×5 unit for only $62/month. If you want something bigger there’s a 5×10 unit for $78/month and a 10×10 unit for $124/month. The only problem is that this is a public storage facility and they aren’t as safe as private ones are. These are also self-storage facilities which means that you’ll have to DIY the entire process. Private companies on the other hand can handle that for you. You’ll just have to pack your possessions properly (in a box) and they’ll take it for you. Just install the app, contact them through the website or call the company and they’ll tell you how to do it exactly after that you’ll arrange the time and they’ll pick up the order. It’s as easy as that you can trust us since we do it that way too.

Now, these climate-controlled storages come at the price of $111.54 in the city of Denver. They also come in larges sizes such as 10 x 20 for $210.12/ month and you can get  10 x 15 for $172.53 /month.

An empty label;
The size of storage will have an ultimate impact on your price.

Thank you for reading this article we hope that you found it useful. These are our thought on understanding storage prices in Denver. We’ve wanted to make it clearer by exampling your different types of storage and by examining the differences. The price will mostly depend on the amount of space that you’ll need and if it has a climate and temperature control or not. Have a great time in Denver!

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