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Top spots for art lovers in LA

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Art is everywhere. From books and poems to sculptures, paintings, photography, and many other forms. As there are many forms there are many places as well where that art is displayed to its fullest. If you are an art lover we have a list of top spots for art lovers in LA.

The city of dreams

Los Angeles knowns as the city of dreams are one of the places where different kinds of artists come and clash with each other. Combining into new forms and evolving together. Either with their opinions and knowledge or dreams and visions. From big studios and apartments to small street art, a lot of LA artists require cleaning services Los Angeles as they can’t clean and focus on their art at the same time. If you are interested here are some spots for art lovers in LA

  • The Getty Center
  • MOCA Grand Avenue
  • Downtown Art Walk
  • The great wall of LA
A woman sitting in a museum
One of the classic art spots in LA is a museum. Visiting a museum and relaxing while watching paintings is always a classic

The Getty Center

For newcomers without a stable income moving to LA can be tricky. It can be challenging to find affordable moving companies Los Angeles especially if you are a student and don’t have any connections in the city. Artists tend to have a lot of things.

One of the first things we recommend you to see in LA is the Getty Center. Located high on the Sant Monica mountains the visitors arrive at the bottom and are transported to the museum by a tram. Looking at this spot for art lovers from high in the air even before the art is a beautiful experience. The museum and the gardens are a piece of art themselves. 

MOCA Grand Avenue

The second spot for art lovers in LA is MOCA Grand Avenue. Located near the Walt Disney concert hall, it takes the title of the largest museum in LA dedicated to contemporary art. Even tho it’s not that big, it still stores around 5000 pieces of artwork. On Thursdays from 5-8 pm, the entrance fee is free.

Downtown Art Walk

While there is some art that requires art movers Los Angeles in order to be shown and moved to galleries, there is also a spot for art lovers in LA with fixated art. For example, Downtown Art Walk opens up every Thursday. Every Gallery opens and features a diverse collection of art, vendors, outdoor murals, music performances, and sometimes even food trucks show up. For those looking for a relaxing night full of different types of art, this is a place to go.

A man walking under a huge mural
Spots for art lovers in LA bring people of all races and cultures together to enjoy and talk about art

The great wall of LA

One of the spots for art lovers in LA is the great wall of LA. Its original title is “The history of California”. The beautiful mural stands 13ft. high and 2754ft. long. It’s one of the largest murals in the world. It took 400 artists to finish it. It took people of different races and backgrounds and made all of them enjoy and work together to create an art piece and a statement. Moving to LA may be challenging but moving companies Burbank CA will help you with your move and chasing your dream and art.

Nothing is impossible especially in the city of dreams as long as you work hard for it. We hope we helped you even a little to find some spots for art lovers in LA.

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