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Top reasons why people are moving out of California

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It is not a secret that many people all over the world move to Los Angeles. Many of them are young people drunk on the idea of fame and fortune! And as such LA is the city where the dreams of many might come true. But alongside many that are moving to California, it is also undeniable that there are people hiring Los Angeles interstate movers and moving out of it! But why? Well alongside personal preferences and circumstances there are some things that influence many Californians to move out of this state. So what are some of the top reasons why people are moving out of California? And where do they go?

Why are Californians moving away?

Over the years a big number of people has been recorded leaving California. Actually, in 2021 alone, around 360,000 people relocated. Most chose to move to other states while some actually decided to move out of the country. But what are the reasons why people are moving out of California? Well, there are many. Starting with personal preferences for weather and living conditions all the way to some other factors like cost of living and job opportunities. It is, by all means, true that Los Angeles Transfer and Storage has a lot of work due to people moving into CA. But sometimes even that can be a problem. You dont see why? Then let us explain.

Bridge in San Francisko
There are many beautiful places in CA, but there are also many beautiful places out of state if you are brave enough to move and find them.

Los Angeles the most famous city in CA and the center of the world’s entertainment business is a prime destination for many. But that’s not all that many forget that due to the popularity of the city, the celebrities, the entertainment industry, the music scene, and many more things this has become a highly desirable location! And what goes hand in hand with that? Well of course it is high living expenses. Even with many people moving into the state its population dropped by 182,000 in 2020 and then declined by 117,552 in 2021. So the main reasons why Californians decide to relocate include:

  • Housing shortage and high cost of housing/living
  • High taxes
  • High rate of unemployment(especially in certain areas)
  • Natural disasters

Housing shortage and high costs of housing/living

When we talk about the reasons why people are moving out of California the first thing that needs to be discussed is the housing storage and high cost of living. These are some of the reasons most common for people that decide to contact long distance movers Los Angeles has to offer in order to move out of state. But for those of you who maybe don’t understand, we will explain.

  1. Housing shortage – Following the economic principles of supply and demand, the housing shortage is a way to explain that housing production has fallen behind the housing demand.
  2. High costs of housing – Where there is a high demand for housing and fewer options the prices tend to skyrocket. This is easily seen if you look at the big cities all over the world.
  3. High living expenses – Living expenses cover everything from your day-to-day necessities, health, and home (including bills, housing costs, food, etc..).
Dollars as a symbol of the bigest reasons why reasons why people are moving out of California
If you look at the most mentioned reasons why people are moving out of California money is always one of them.

High taxes

Some of the reasons why people are moving out of California are the high tax rates. Actually, CA tax rates are among the highest in the United States. The highest minimum statewide sales tax rate is in California at 6%. This can total up to 10.75% with local sales taxes included. Here are some counties and their sales tax as an example:

  • Alameda County – 10.75%
  • Alpine County – 7.25%
  • Amador County – 7.25%
  • Butte County 8.25%
  • Calaveras County – 7.75%
  • Colusa County – 7.75%
  • Contra Costa County – 10.75%

High rate of unemployment

This part is easy to understand. There are many people in CA that are unemployed. Due to the lack of jobs in their field or the pay not being to their liking and standards many people are unemployed. And as such looking for jobs and offers that might be to their liking or in their range of interest many people move out of state. Making this one of the top reasons why people are moving out of California.

Natural disasters

Believe it or not but some of the reasons why people are moving out of California are actually natural disasters! There are many things that can happen in CA. The most common are earthquakes. There are so many per year that the Federal Emergency Management Agency places California in the “very high risk” category. But depending on where in CA you are there are some natural disasters that can also happen. Apart from earthquakes the most common are:

  • Wildfires
  • Floods and mudslides
people watching a wildfire in CA
There are many cases of wildfires in CA, especially during the last couple of years.

Where are Californians moving to?

Whatever the reasons why people are moving out of California are, the fact is that a large number of people are relocating. As such there are even some states that have been proven to be the prime destination for people to move to. So what are they and why?

  1. Colorado
  2. Washington
  3. Seattle
  4. Florida
  5. Hawai


If you carefully look at Colorado you will notice it is one of the fastest-growing states. Thanks to its economy and opportunity for employment many people decide that moving from California to Colorado is a good idea. Not only that but alongside the breathtaking scenery it offers other benefits like an active outdoor lifestyle and affordable home costs. For many Californians, some of these were the prime reasons for moving. People are moving out of California and coming here in big numbers.

Colorado during fall
Colorado is the perfect place to raise a family!

Even though the cost of living in Colorado is higher than the national mandarin it is still cheaper than in California. Although the prices of buying new homes are high renting is quite affordable and in some cases really cheap. Add on top of that the economic growth and a booming job market and the reasons why this state is so popular are obvious.


What are the reasons why people are moving out of California and into Washington? Actually, the cases of people moving from California to Washington are not only a few. Washington is a fast-growing state. Meaning there are many jobs waiting for capable people. But even if you exclude that there are still many other reasons. Starting with beautiful scenery, mild climate, fun outdoor activities, and more! Whatever you like to do, eat or see you will certainly be able to find something the same or similar, at a more affordable price than in California.

Washington is known for its residents being highly educated. So it’s no surprise that this state has excellent educational institutions to offer. The University of Washington, Washington State University, and many other four-year to two-year colleges are all located here. So there is also a high number of students in WA. This resulted in many fun places for young people and bustling nightlife. The housing prices are reasonable and also there are many options like storage units Dupont WA for those who prefer smaller accommodations but have many things. For all the reasons mentioned above more and more Californians decide to leave their state and move to Washington.


California can be a great place to live. There are many beautiful places to live in and a lot of exciting things to do. But that is exactly why many people are moving to California or at least coming as tourists. So it comes as no surprise that it is becoming more and more crowded. This can actually be seen clearly if you look closely at Los Angeles. A big crowd of tourists, constant car jams, noise, the fast pace of living, and on top of all huge living and housing costs. So many people decide that moving to Seattle from Los Angeles is what is best for them.

Skyline of Seattle
Seattle is one of the rare big cities that is not rushed! But is comfortable and easygoing.

Seattle is by no means a cheap city. But it is much cheaper living here than in California. The usual home price in Seattle is around $755,000. This is not cheap but it is definitely cheaper than Los Angeles. Especially if you decide to rent a home in Seattle. The average monthly rent is around $2,700 a month. And when comparing it to LA where the average rent price is around $3,5000 it does seem better.


Are you interested in the reasons why people are moving out of California and moving into Florida? Well, some reasons are actually obvious. Although the two states actually have a lot in common for example sunny weather, miles of coastline, fantastic nightlife, and many celebrities there are also many differences. The difference in living costs between the two is huge. And many Californians will find that Florida real estate has more reasonable prices. Alongside that, there are many jobs in Florida as its unemployment rate is also lower than in CA. The taxes are lower, the education system is better, and like a cherry on top are the breathtaking sceneries all around the state. So if you are thinking about moving from California to Florida because of the reasons mentioned above do not hesitate.


While most people in the world call the entire place by the name ‘Hawaii’, that is actually not the case. Hawaii is an archipelago. Meaning that instead of one there are different islands offering different kinds of lifestyles and choices. But all in all, Hawaii is much cheaper than CA. So you should not be surprised that there are many people moving to Hawaii from California. The average rent in Hawaii varies depending on the location you choose to live at. But the average price is around $2,413 per month while the average home is around $672, 429. But at the same time, there are places where bedroom apartments can go for $1,743. As well as places where a studio will cost about $1,670.

Hawaii beach as one of the reasons why people are moving out of California
Hawaii is a paradise on earth which is why Californians decide to move here

You might think that the sunshine, warm temperature, and beautiful scenery in the state of California are the best. But if you take some time and look at Hawaii you will discover a whole new type of beauty. This is a place that has some of the world’s most beautiful beaches. Alongside amazing scenery, and places to explore it gives a different type of feeling than the overpopulated CA. But can Hawaii offer more than that? The healthcare is excellent, the culture and diversity are quite rich, and the climate is unmatched.

Should you move out of California?

Well, whatever the reasons why people are moving out of California are at the end of the day they don’t matter when it comes to you. Although there are many places and opportunities what you should consider is yourself. What are the reasons you want to move? Asking yourself this will be the easiest way to choose a place that will match your needs. Many people share some reasons for moving. Usually jobs and better living costs, alongside health or education and so on. Are your reasons the same?

Of course, there are sometimes exceptions. For example, some of the reasons why people are moving out of California are to start a family or be closer to their loved ones. Whatever your reason is, pick the place you wish to move to by looking at your personal preferences. Take time and dont rush to move. Nothing good comes out of rushing. And who knows maybe you will even move to one of the destinations we told you about.

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