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Tips to protect your floors while moving from Orange County

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Relocation is already an exhausting and complicated endeavor, the last thing you want is for your moving day to be ruined by scratched-up floors. No matter the type of floor in your old home in Orange County, there’s a good chance they won’t survive dragged furniture, dropped things, and dirty shoes. Unless you have no problem with paying for a damaged floor at the home you’re leaving, you should think about protecting it. The same goes for the floors in your new home, of course. Your movers Los Angeles will make sure everything is handled professionally, but you should still take some precautionary measures. If you need some tips to protect your floors while moving, keep on reading. We’re here to help.

wooden surface
Make sure to leave the floors in your old home in good condition by protecting them

Measure beforehand to protect your floors while moving

Accidents sometimes happen, but mistakes are something you can anticipate and prevent with preparation. Without carefully measuring everything, you’re risking damages to your furniture and floors. Don’t risk a big couch not fitting through your doorway and dropping it straight on the floor while trying to squeeze it through. Maneuvering bulky items is difficult enough, and if you jump into it unprepared it could cost you money, injuries, and scratched floors. Preparing and measuring everything beforehand will help you prevent jammed doorways, damaged floors, and back injuries. In addition to this, measuring in advance will give you time to rent storage Los Angeles if you realize some of the furniture can’t fit in your new home. However, while preparation and measuring are important, they won’t be enough to prevent all potential threats to your floors. What else can you do?

Best tips to protect your floors during relocation

Every relocation involves moving furniture and appliances, your movers Orange County walking in and out of your home in their shoes, and maybe accidentally dropping things on the floor. Some things might be too heavy to lift, which means those items might have to be dragged on the floor. It’s very important to leave your old home and its floors in good condition to avoid unnecessary problems later on. So, follow these tips to save yourself from property damage on your moving day.

1. Rent moving dollies

No matter the type of floor in your old home, moving dollies will protect it from damage while moving very heavy items. They have rubber wheels which can’t make any scratches on your floor.  Just ensure the items you’re moving with the dolly are safely secured with straps or rope. Furniture dollies will not only protect your floors but also save everyone from potential injuries while carrying heavy furniture.

2. Get furniture sliders to protect your floors while moving

Furniture sliders are made of strong plastic and hard rubber and will allow you to slide big and heavy items without hurting your floors. They are especially useful for items you can’t lift. By just placing a slider under each corner or leg of the big piece of furniture you’ll be able to easily slide it across the room.

3. Pack everything properly

If you drop a cardboard box full of stuff on the floor, you might damage the stuff, but the floor will stay scratchless. Make sure the boxes are well secured on each side to avoid anything falling on the floor and causing damage to it. This also means you need high-quality moving boxes Los Angeles to ensure all your belongings are safe during moving and transit, and that nothing accidentally ends up on the floor.

4. Place a thick layer of cardboard on your floor to protect it

Use some of the extra boxes you got for your belongings to create a cardboard ”walkway” for heavy furniture. The path should start from the door and travel through the house, reaching every room in the house. Use tape to fix the cardboard pieces together and stop them from moving. If you’ll be using a dolly, ensure the path is smooth. One bump on the road could end in a disaster.

5. Don’t underestimate doormats

You might think that doormats will only get in your way, but think twice. Your movers, or anyone helping you, will be walking on the dew-covered lawn or the dirty driveway, bringing all the dirt into the house. Not only will your floors get dirty, but also slippery. Not only will this harm the floors, but is also dangerous for anyone maneuvering heavy furniture.

a doormat
Protect your floors while moving by keeping your doormats in place so no dirty shoes enter the house

Your best bet is to hire the services of a top-rated moving company

One of the ways to protect your floors while moving from your Orange County home is to rely on professional movers who know how to move furniture in the best and safest way. If you’re up against a big move, consider hiring an international moving company Los Angeles. Your furniture will require extra care and moving preparation if you’re moving far away. In addition, working with professional movers will minimize the chances of anything going wrong. They will protect your floors and belongings with their professional equipment and expertise.

Protect your floors while moving by relying on professional help
Professional movers went through training to be able to move heavy furniture and appliances with great care


Investing some money and time into protecting your floors is money and time well invested. It would be amazing if hardwood or tile floors were as durable as they look, but they’re not. To avoid spending much more money on fixing the floor in a home that you’re leaving – think about it now. And don’t forget the same goes for your new home. All that furniture and appliances you’re moving out you’ll also have to move in. You don’t want to start the new chapter of your life in your new home by addressing scratches on the floor. Protect your floors while moving in both your old and new home, and give yourself a less stressful relocation.

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