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Tips to protect & prepare your home for a move

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    Preparation is a crucial part of everyday life. Tasks are done easier and more efficiently if they are started with a preparation process. Moving is no different. All the tasks during a relocation are either physically or psychically exhausting, and preparation makes this easier. Getting your things ready for moving is a no-brainer, that’s what moving is all about, moving items from point A to point B. But protecting and preparing your home is not an obvious thing to do. You can leave the cleaning step to some cleaning services Los Angeles, but this has to be done by you. Luckily, you are in the right place to learn how to prepare your home for a move.

    What should you do to protect your home before moving?

    Preparing your home for a move and protecting it is mandatory no matter what you plan to do with the property after moving. Even though your moving helpers or some of the best moving companies in Los Angeles will take care of you and your moving process, you can never be safe enough. Some things that you can do for protection are to:

    • Measure – you should know the dimensions of both your furniture and problematic spaces where you plan to pass through. Furniture corners bumping into walls is the number 1 cause of damage during a move.
    • Use common protective materials – this includes blankets, sheets, rugs, corner guards, and banisters
    • Know your route – you are less likely to bump into things if you know exactly where you are going.
    Picture of a measuring tape
    Measuring will prepare you for moving bulky items

    How can you prepare your home for a move?

    Your home will go through a transforming process as moving day draws near. You can either get some of the biggest tasks done by hiring some moving companies in Burbank CA or doing them yourself. But you should be the one to prepare your home. Some of the most important tasks will be listed below in more detail.

    Pack using a room-by-room approach

    If you start packing frantically all rooms at the same time, you will be left with a huge mess. A rule of thumb that many moving services Los Angeles providers go by is to start packing the least used items in the least used room first. This is the way that you should pack boxes in the van too so that you end up with the most used items in front.

    Clean everything thoroughly

    One of the household chores that many people hate is cleaning. And you guessed it, it has to be done after packing as well. You could do it before, but after everything is out of the way, it will be easier to clean. You can use any cleaning solutions that you already own, or you could make natural cleaning solutions. Put on some good music and get to cleaning everything from top to bottom.

    Picture of a small broom and dustpan
    If you want to prepare your home for a move, you need to clean

    If you want to protect and prepare your home for a move, you will need time. Doing this thoroughly and the right way will take at least a few days, so start on time. You also need to find climate controlled storage Los Angeles for your most fragile items on time. We wish you good luck!

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