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Tips on moving in the off-peak season – Seattle edition

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Have you found out that you’re moving recently, and now you’re thinking about which moving date you should pick? You’ve come just at the right place to find out more about moving in the off-peak season. A reliable moving company like Los Angeles Transfer is a necessary part of the equation, so make sure you devote your time to finding the right one. Moving is a tiresome task that takes a lot of time and energy. Choosing a perfect moving date and the company is never easy. Moving in the off-peak season isn’t a possibility for most people. If you can move in the off-peak season then you are likely to go through much less stress than someone who is moving during the peak season. To find out more tips about moving in the off-peak season, keep on reading! 

woman carrying a cardboard box
Off-season moving offers a number of possibilities that will help you have a less stressful move!

 Moving in the off-peak season is ideal

Make sure that you keep in mind just how important choosing a good moving date is. Many people have to pick their moving date very late, and that causes them to move in the peak season. The earlier you choose the moving date – the better. If you have the possibility of moving in the off-peak season, don’t miss that chance. 

  • Finding Moving Services Seattle that can move you for an affordable price will be much easier if you move in the off-peak season.
  • It won’t only be much easier mentally, it will also save you a lot of money. Chances are that you’ll have many moving companies available and that they won’t be raising prices because they are already very booked.
  • The roads won’t be as packed as they usually are
  • You’ll have more storage options if you decide that you need one.

So, what’s considered an “off-peak season”? That’s usually the autumn or the beginning of the winter. Many people can’t move then because their jobs require presence. Companies are trying to finish tasks before the New Year. Many companies are delighted to move people during the off-season because they have more time and means to do it.

Mind the moving date!

Everything affects your moving date. Try to avoid moving during the weekend and on Fridays. That’s when many people are driving, when the roads get clogged more often and when your moving company will already likely be booked. If you have the chance, choose to move during the week, favorably the first part of the week. If you can, moving at the beginning of the month would also be ideal. Try to get an early start during your moving day and move while people are still at work. Moving in the afternoon will likely take you longer than if you’ve moved before noon.

Get a better service when moving in the off-peak season

Since moving companies won’t be as cluttered and overwhelmed with work, chances are that they’ll be able to provide even better service than they normally would. LA transfer tries very hard to offer the same, quality, consistent service to everyone. But the truth is, for most companies, the consultants get busier and they can’t devote as many resources as they can during the off-peak season.

people carrying the cardboard boxes
Moving in colder season is favorable both for you and for the movers – it makes physical labor easier to endure.

Moving in colder temperatures

Off-peak season moving means moving while the temperatures are lower. That’s ideal, since packing, loading the truck, and disassembling furniture can be much more tiresome in the summer heat. Imagine having to ship car to California during the summer heat. It would be overwhelming. When you’re relocating in the summer, doing the physical work sometimes seems impossible. That’s why many people hire moving companies and spend much more money on relocation than they need to. Keep in mind that moving in the late winter can be problematic because temperatures drop a lot and roads get frozen. Try to avoid that!

How to find a good moving company during the off-peak season?

Finding a quality moving company during the off-peak season isn’t an easy task as you’d expect. You will have more choices, and thus, need more time to decide.

  • Start your research early – Starting your research early will give you more flexibility. The time you devote to the research will help you find quality movers. You will understand which companies have a better reputation, prices, and work ethics. Since you’re moving in the off-peak season, you don’t have to hurry – you can choose a moving date later than people moving in the peak season. Use the additional time to make a well-educated decision.
  • Send out free quotes – Free quotes are a free and convenient way to find out whether the company fits your budget. It’s also commitment-free! If the company doesn’t send someone to assess your situation live, that’s a bad sign. Find the company that takes evaluating your situation more seriously.
  • Call a moving company – Nothing beats the personal experience, so make sure you call the moving companies you’re interested in and ask them absolutely everything you want to know. They are here to help you achieve a perfect relocation, and by calling them, you’ll get a better feel of the services they offer and the way they operate.
  • Ask for their licenses and registration

Benefits of moving in the off-peak season

  • A plethora of moving companies to choose from
  • Moving companies are known to offer discounts in the winter
  • It’s easier to move in the cold weather, both for you and the movers
  • Choosing a moving date will be much easier – you’re not limited by the big demand, which is usually the case in the peak season.
Book your moving date at the beginning of a month and week!

Use the additional time to pack well

Since you will be more flexible and have better conditions, take the additional time and energy to pack well. Gather the packing supplies over the months, start decluttering as soon as you know you’ll be moving, and take your time to properly pack your items, label the boxes, and make them convenient for unpacking. If you encounter any problem or need help in the moving process, Los Angeles Transfer is at your disposal. We’re more than ready to answer all of your questions and help you realize the perfect relocation. With us, moving doesn’t have to be stressful – are you ready to book a stress-free move of your dreams.

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