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Tips on moving during peak season

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Moving during peak season is something that can turn into a very difficult task. Because you have to think about a lot of things such as traffic, finding movers, packing supplies, etc. But, not to worry! You can learn how to prepare for the peak season relocation by reading this article. Here you can find out how and when to start preparing for your relocation so you won’t have any issues with your relocation whatsoever. Simply continue reading and learn all the tips you are going to need.

Moving during peak season starts with preparation

To move without any stress, you should always begin your moving preparations months in advance. Moving during peak season requires a lot of time and patience. And that is something you will need to have. The best way to move without stress is to start preparing in advance. It all begins in having a simple plan. You need to put down on your notebook the tasks you have to complete before moving. This is a certain way to make sure everything is done before the movers arrive. The best way to begin is to look for the moving company. When you have no other choice but to move during the moving peak you will have to look for the moving company in advance. There are many benefits of hiring movers a few months in advance, such as:

  • It is easier to find movers for your relocation because they will have enough time to do other jobs until yours come along
  • The choices between moving companies are great
  • Moving estimates are more affordable if you give them more time to prepare
  • You might be able to negotiate a better moving deal
coins representing savings you can have when moving during peak season
Moving during peak season is cheaper if you hire movers in time

These are the reasons why you should start preparing for your relocation a few months in advance. Especially if you have to ship a car from California to New York. Such a great feat requires hiring a professional moving crew that can handle this task. And you can only do it if you have enough time to search for them.

Purge your items

The next step you need to do before moving is to go through your household items. We are all fairly certain that there are some things that you are not using anymore. Getting rid of items you do not use means you will have to pay less for your moving fees. There are a couple of ways to get rid of those items from your household and they are:

  • Throwing them away is one of the simplest ways to do it
  • Selling them on Craigslist or organizing yard sale can be a good way to get some extra cash you can use when moving during peak season
  • Why not give them as gifts to your friends and family who help you move

Whatever way you chose as your method of dealing with those extra items will most certainly pay off. Just as we said, fewer items you carry, lower the cost of the move. But, on the other hand, your relocation can be expensive if you hire expensive movers. Luckily, you can always count on affordable Los Angeles Transfer and Storage movers to help you relocate on an affordable price.

Start collecting packing material

This is something that you can do some time in advance. Because it won’t take too much time to collect packing materials, you can focus on other things after this. Remember that it is better to have little extra packing supplies than to lack them. There are several ways you can find free packing supplies like asking your local grocery store for free used boxes, collecting shoe boxes or just buying brand new ones. However, you chose to collect them, make sure you have enough for your packing process. Although you are doing this before moving during peak season, you still have to manage your time well. Some of the packing supplies you already have in your home such as duct tape, packing tape, ropes, blankets, towels etc. And if you have some extra moving boxes you can find interesting DIY projects with cardboard boxes.

cardboard boxes
Start collecting packing supplies in time

Start packing

Just a month before the moving day arrives, you can start packing your items for the relocation. Start with packing the offseason items you do not use. Leave the most important items last to pack. Because you will probably use them a few more times before moving. Now, you will have enough time for both packs and wrap those items in the moving boxes. Make sure to make an inventory list of your belongings you can compare with the list of your movers. That way you can ensure nothing bad can go wrong when packing for the move. Making a list is just one of the things to do before moving. And trust us, it is not that simple, which is why it takes some time.

a teddy bear in a cardboard box
Start packing in time to avoid any issues

Avoid packing risky items

There are some items you should never pack when moving. They might be dangerous items that can damage your vehicle or the vehicle of the movers. And most of the time, movers are not allowed to transport hazardous items with themselves. The best thing you can do for both you and the moving company is to learn what are the items you shouldn’t pack when relocating. Only that way you can remain safe during transportation and keep your items safe as well.

Moving during peak season doesn’t mean you have to rush things simply because you are moving at that particular time. If you know the date of your move and know you can’t change it, then these tips will certainly help you. Just following them will help you move without any stress and having as few moving issues as possible. Reach out to us if you wish to add something by leaving a comment.

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