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Tips for storing fitness equipment in Denver

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We all want to have everything in one place, and a home gym sounds good. But, at some point, you will realize that all of those items – heavyweights, yoga mats, resistance bands, stability balls, treadmill or home bike, etc, takes a lot of your free space. If you are not using your fitness gear at the moment, it would be good to store them. If you are thinking about storing fitness equipment in Denver there are some things to solve first, so here are some tips that could help you.

How to store your equipment

To store your gear successfully, you should do a few things before:

  • cleaning before storing fitness equipment in Denver
  • disassemble large pieces
  • buy packing supplies
  • find a storage unit
  • hire reliable movers

Do not leave your gear outside, too much sunlight, rain, or snow can cause damage and you will have to buy everything new. So, it would be better to invest in a storage unit. Here is a list of some important things to do before you store your equipment. It needs to be clean and properly packed so they don’t get damaged. Find proper packing supplies, boxes, and baskets to keep smaller pieces inside. You can hire some of the reliable moving companies in Denver to help you pack, relocate and store your items if you don’t have enough time. It will be easier for you, but if not, follow these instructions.

storing fitness equipment
You should clean your equipment before you store it.

Find a storage unit

Almost every reputable moving company can offer you a storage unit. The trick is to find a unit that suits your needs and budget. Contact several storage facility owners and check their offer. Search for storage units Denver residents usually recommend. To prevent cracking, corrosion, make sure you find a unit that is clean and climate-controlled. You want your gear to be safe too, so check with the facility owner what security measures they have. If there is someone who watches over the facility, or if there are surveillance cameras, etc.

Once you have found a storage unit that suits your need, you can start preparing your equipment for storage. If the unit you rent is quite big and you have some free space, you can store them something else, not only your equipment. If you have some massive furniture or some sports equipment, put that away too. Hire some furniture movers Denver residents always hire and recommend. Let them transport and store all of your items.

storing trademill
If it is possible, disassemble your treadmill, but if not clean it properly and store it.

Before storing fitness equipment in Denver clean it

Before storing these pieces take time to disinfect and wipe down every surface of your treadmills, weights, mats, and other equipment. This ensures that these items will be in the best condition possible once you decide to take them out of the storage and use them again. The main thing you want to consider when storing weights is the material they’re made out of. They can be made of steel, iron, or chrome and they can rust when not properly cared for. Even the wights made of rubber need to be cleaned. It is not complicated to clean them. You can just mix warm water with a little bit of dish soap and wipe the weights clean. Dry them well before storing them. You can buy a weight rack to store your weights. You can cover them with some sheets to prevent the dust from falling on them.

If you have a yoga mat, clean it too. You can use a cloth and a soap, or if it is machine washable, put it in a washing machine. Let it dry completely before storing. You can roll it up or hang it inside your unit. You can put it inside some case, or wrap it in some moving blanket, or stretch wrap. Do the same with stability balls and resistance bands. Clean them, wrap, and store them. You can put these pieces in a plastic bin if it is big enough. When everything is cleaned, find some boxes, plastic bins, racks to store your equipment safely.

Storing fitness equipment in Denver – disassemble massive pieces

If there are some massive pieces that take a lot of space then you can disassemble them. Nothing takes up space in your home like a treadmill. So, if you do not use it, store it. If it is possible, disassemble it. If you are not sure how to do it, call professionals to help you. It is important to get a storage unit with climate control and cover your treadmill with a blanket to protect it from dust. If you can’t disassemble it do not place anything on top of the treadmill in storage. The same thing is with the home bike. If it can’t be disassembled, clean it and cover it to avoid dust. Try to use all the storing space and place your items strategically.

storage unit
Make sure you find a storage unit that is clean, well-secured, and climate-controlled so you know that your items are safe.

These pieces are very heavy. If you don’t apply some proper lifting techniques or you don’t use a dolly, you might get hurt. So, maybe it would be best to hire skilled movers to relocate your equipment. They can load and unload a moving truck, provide you packing services, and store each piece inside a storage unit. Reliable movers are skilled and trained for this and they will do it much faster.

In the end, all of this can be done by professional movers, not only disassembling. So, if you do not want to risk and cause damage to your equipment, you should hire professionals. They can pack everything, relocate and handle the heavy lifting. One final tip about getting your gear stored is to avoid storing it for too long. Hope these tips for storing fitness equipment in Denver will help and that your items will be safely stored.

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