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Tips for seniors moving in Seattle

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Are you looking for tips that will make seniors moving in Seattle easier? You’ve stumbled upon the right place. Los Angeles Transfer and Storage is the company that has helped seniors move for many years. We’ve seen which parts of the moving process pose the problems, and know how to solve them. Moving is a stressful process, and even more so when you are older. It poses threats, and even the professional movers can get hurt. There are ways that you can make your relocation a less stressful experience and avoid injuries. If you’re ready to get into the moving process right away and find out how to handle it right, start reading! 

Seniors moving in Seattle should think about downsizing

Before you decide on anything, consider downsizing. There are many pros and cons. It will help you have more time for yourself. You won’t have to clean as much if you downsize, and your bills also go down. The maintenance costs are also lower, and if you need to hire someone to clean for you – the bill for the service will also be smaller. You can also get space closer to the city center if you downsize. That way, you will be closer to the bus stations, markets, parks, pet stores, appliance stores, and pharmacies. Downsizing can be a very useful adjustment if done right.

man working on a blueprint
Taking a look at the blueprint will tell you which pieces of furniture you should bring.

Take a look at the floor plan

Taking a look at the floor plan when moving to Seattle will help you determine which items you should bring. Keep it close to you on a moving day because you’ll be able to instruct furniture movers Seattle to place the furniture at the places you want. This is a great way to finish your moving in one day and make sure that you don’t have to deal with any heavy objects or furniture pieces yourself. Preparation is an essential process while you’re relocating, and thinking ahead will save you a lot of time, energy, and money. The furniture won’t be able to fit every room, especially if you are downsizing. That means that you’ll have to leave some of the belongings behind in the decluttering process. Take a look at the floor plan, and make the furniture arrangements.

Decluttering is a must for seniors moving in Seattle

Start decluttering as soon as you’re sure that you will be moving. Movers Seattle can help you place the items in the storage, pack them, or move them for you when you’re ready. Decluttering will lessen your costs and help you lessen the workload. If you have many heavy furniture pieces like wardrobes, king-sized beds, sofas, or even appliances like a fridge – consider selling them. Sometimes, and especially if you are moving long-distance, transporting the heavy, bulky items doesn’t pay off. That’s why many people turn to certain tactics: They sell the big appliances and furniture pieces at the place where they’re currently living and then buy the similar or the same items at the new place. That way, they can ensure that they get the furniture that actually fits the new apartment, gets the money from the sales, and also avoid paying transport costs. Decluttering will help you move easier, so make sure you devote yourself fully to it. You don’t have to throw items right away – you can just label them with stickers of certain colors and then the moving company can take care of them for you.

box labeled
Decluttering is a process that will lessen your overall workload during the moving process, and it’s detrimental that you pay full attention to it.

Start packing early – do it in the chunks

When you start packing early, you will have enough time to deal with all bumps on the road. And when it comes to moving – they always do happen. That’s why packing early is the key to success. Find the time of the day that you can devote fully to packing, and pack at least some of your items every day, even if only for a couple of hours. That will ensure continuity, and you won’t get overwhelmed all at once.

Have friends and family help you

When it comes to moving, everyone always needs an extra set of hands, and that includes seniors moving in Seattle. It may be only to make a few phone calls or help you pack the small, fragile items. It doesn’t matter, because all of the tasks take away your time, and during the moving process, time is very precious. Make sure you call your loved ones and ask them to help you at least a week in advance. That way, they will have enough time to organize and reschedule any obligations that they can.

Call your friends and family to help you pack – moving preparations always require additional help.

Pack one room at the time

Packing one room at a time will ensure that the mess isn’t spread over the whole house. It will be localized, as well as the dust. As soon as you finish with your first room, you can turn it into the storage space for the boxes from other rooms. That way, you’ll be left with more space to deal with the leftover items.

Additional tips for seniors moving in Seattle:

  • Don’t forget to label the boxes with fragile items on every side of the box. You can get firm boxes for your most fragile items at Moving Boxes Seattle
  • Don’t invest yourself in cleaning too much until the whole packing process is over
  • Deal with the items only one room at the time
  • Renting the packing materials from a moving company ensures that you can get rid of it easily

Choose a reliable moving company for seniors moving in Seattle

Seniors moving in Seattle sometimes have trouble picking the right company. If you choose a reliable, trustworthy moving company to handle your move, you will have peace of mind during the whole process. That means that you’ll be able to relax and enjoy your activities, without having the constant urge to control the whole process. With us, your belongings and the moving process are in safe hands. We’ll relocate your items in a timely manner and perform the move just the way you want it. Call us and let us help you transition into your new home without any inconvenience!

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