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Tips for relocating from LA as a single parent

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Living life day to day as a single parent certainly isn’t easy. When you add relocating from LA into the mix, it just gets more stressful from there. Moving can in general be quite intimidating, even if you’ve had some previous experience with it. So it goes without saying that you have quite a task ahead of you. From organizing the relocation to helping your child deal with the changes, there are many obstacles to overcome. Luckily, many single moms and dads have relocated with the help of long distance moving companies Los Angeles and lived to tell the tale! We’re here to show you that relocating from LA as a single parent doesn’t have to be difficult at all. In order to do that, we’ve put together a few useful tips which will surely help you on your journey.

person making a moving checklist
With enough preparation, your move will be a resounding success!

Relocating from LA as a single parent is easy if you plan ahead

The key to a successful move with children, especially if you’re a single parent, is planning ahead. In ideal conditions, you want to have at least one month or more to fully prepare. This means finding movers in Burbank CA, decluttering, packing all of your items, and preparing your new home. As you go along, you might face some unexpected obstacles, so it’s good to have enough time. Starting your preparations on time ensures that you cover every step of your relocation. To make things easier, you can create a checklist to keep things more streamlined. This list should include important tasks like hiring movers, getting packing materials, and handling the needed paperwork. After all, you will be moving to a new school district, so you need to make sure that your child can continue their education. Good preparation will make the moving experience easier for everyone involved.

Be open with your children and get them involved

Children are very sensitive and attentive, even more than you could possibly imagine, and especially when they’re younger. Before you give reliable Southern California movers a call, you should sit down with your children and have an open discussion. Talk about the reasons why you need to move, and allow them to express their thoughts and feelings. At this time, it is very important to be understanding, as they may seem resistant and fearful of the upcoming move. Do your best to point out the positive sides of the move and be optimistic, as your mood can heavily reflect on them. If you’re open and positive about relocating from LA, it will greatly help them come to terms with the move. Also, they might get even excited about it if you let them participate in organizing and executing the move.

father talking with his son
Kids can sense a lot of unspoken things, so always be honest and open with them

By letting your kids help with the moving process, you allow them to maintain a sense of being in control. This is a very important thing to have when big changes are happening. Depending on how old they are, try your best to include them in various moving tasks and decisions. If your kids are younger, they can decorate the packing boxes and prepare them for the move. If they’re older, you can include your kids in the unpacking process in different ways. Ask them to help you paint the rooms or rearrange the furniture after the move. To make the relocating process interesting, sit down with your child and do online research about your new neighborhood or school. By letting them take part in the process, they will feel included and mature. In a difficult time, this can be a great morale booster.

Saving money while relocating can be crucial if you’re a single parent

Regardless you’re a single mom, or a single dad, moving can cause many financial worries. Given that you’re the sole source of income, cutting back on expenses is the key to success. If you prepare a moving budget, relocating from LA as a single parent can be quite simple. This requires some clever tricks and quick thinking but is still very easy to pull off. You can keep your costs down to a minimum by doing the following:

  • Instead of buying brand new boxes, source them locally from the nearby stores and supermarkets. Just make sure that they are in good condition, with no creases or tears.
  • Crumpled newspapers, towels, and shirts are great alternative packing materials. Using these items to secure your items works just as well as using bubble wrap and styrofoam.
  • Try to schedule your move in the off-season, such as the autumn or early spring. Summer is the busiest time for moving, which usually means increased prices.
  • If you’re moving because of a job, there is a chance that some of your moving expenses may be deductible.
  • You can pay some of your utility deposits in increments. Just remember to check with your new home’s service providers if this is possible.
a father and daughter hugging
Your kids look up to you as a role model, so make sure to always be calm and collected

A positive attitude goes a long way

Moving is full of stressful and otherwise overwhelming situations, especially if you’re relocating from LA as a single parent. However, if you manage to maintain a stiff upper lip and a good attitude, it will be easier for everyone involved. As a single parent, your kids are your whole world, and you are theirs. Not to mention that they look up to you as their most significant role model. This is why it is important for you to keep your cool when faced with stress and changes. If you can do this, your kids will be encouraged to do the same. This is something that all of you can greatly benefit from. For you, the relocation will be easier if you can reassure yourself that you’re in control. Your kids, on the other hand, will learn a valuable life lesson on dealing with changes and tackling challenges in their life.

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