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Tips for raising your kids in LA

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Los Angeles is attracting a lot of people to move, and those who choose the services of Los Angeles Transfer and Storage to move not only themselves but also their families is not rare. For that purpose, we have made this article on raising your kids in LA. Everything you need to know about having kids in LA is right here, plain, simple, and concise!

Schooling in Los Angeles

So, first off, let’s talk about the obvious. If you are moving to LA with a kid, you need to make sure that there are the right schools available. Through your kids growth, he or she will go through many different schools and you need to make sure that they can reach the highest educational levels in La.

School buses
What is the school situation in LA?

So, if you employ moving companies Orange County to relocate you to Los Angeles, what schools will your kid be attending? Well, Los Angeles Unified School District serves pretty much all of the city, with 162 magnet schools for various fields. Furthermore, there are 72 public libraries in the city.

If you wish to keep your child close after they go to college, they will find a whole bunch of good colleges right here in LA! These include:

Private colleges:

  • The University of South California
  • Occidental Colledge
  • Los Angeles Film School
  • Emperors Colledge
  • many, many more

Furthermore, Community colledges are available as:

  • East Los Angeles College
  • Los Angeles City College
  • West Los Angeles College
  • Los Angeles Valley College
  • And 6 more for when raising your kids in LA.

All in all your kid is set when education is concerned!

Raising your kids in LA – is it safe?

If you are in the process of hiring moving services Los Angeles, you probably already feel safe in LA, but let’s talk about it anyway.

Los Angels weren’t always considered to be the safest of cities. In fact, in 1992, Los Angeles had a staggering number of murders (1092). However, there has been a significant decline in crime, with an all-time low in 2009 with only 314 murders.

The city has some gang problem (around 45 000 people estimated), however, that is a pretty insignificant number compared to the total population of this large city.

All in all, you are pretty much safe in LA and you should be preparing your home for moving in with the help of cleaning services Los Angeles and start raising your kids in LA with no issue.

What is there to do in LA?

There is a lot of movie trivia hidden around various storage Los Angeles places. Yup, this city is home to famous Holywood and offers a lot ot entertainment in that sector. If you are raising your kid to be a film geek, you are coming to a good spot.

raising your kids in LA - highrise bulidings in LA
Where to go with your kid in LA?

Los Angeles also offers tons of parks and green spaces, theaters, kid-friendly restaurants and more!

You are set!

LA is neither scary nor unapproachable. All you need to do is know where you are moving and what your goals are, and both you and your kid will be just fine. We hope that our tips on raising your kids in LA have helped you! Best of luck!

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