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Tips for preventing mold in storage units in Seattle

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Relocation is a stressful activity, that’s for sure. It isn’t easy to balance between organizing a relocation and resuming your regular daily activities. Also, you don’t conduct a relocation every day, so you aren’t familiar with all the aspects of the move. How to pack your belongings or how to hire the best Seattle area movers? There are so many aspects and questions regarding relocation. One of the most important parts of every relocation is preventing mold in storage units. Therefore, in this article, we’ll help you with our useful and practical tips. It’s important to know them, as the safety of your belongings is at stake.

Good choices can help you with preventing mold in storage units

After you find the most reliable Washington movers, it’s time to consider all the good sides of a storage unit. A storage unit could be a great solution. First, it can serve you to store your belongings temporarily until you move into your new place. But also, you can use it to store your items in case you decide to downsize and organize your apartment. However, you should know that one of the downsides of renting a storage unit can be mold. Therefore, you have to know some basic rules on preventing mold in storage units. Every quality storage unit has to complete several parameters.

  • The safety rating is one of the most important parameters of all. It guarantees that your belongings won’t disappear overnight. Also, you should know that a reliable storage facility must have video monitoring systems, and night guards. Also, quality locks are a must.
  • Climate control is another important aspect of preventing mold in storage units. This one is one of the first steps towards preventing mold in your storage unit. Many companies that offer storage services have climate-controlled units at their disposal. Also, this feature will prevent your stored belongings from the influence of extreme outside temperatures.
  • Accessibility to your storage unit is also important. You should know things such as are they open 0-24. Or do they work on holidays? This aspect is especially important if you plan on storing something that you use relatively often.
  • Read online reviews of previous customers. Before you make your choice, gather the right information. See if any customer has had problems with mold and especially with preventing mold in storage units.
Brick wall with mold
Only wise choices will help you with preventing mold in storage units.

Preventing mold in storage units is possible if you visit the storage unit regularly

If you go with the storage units Dupont WA, you can’t go wrong. However, you should know that one of the main causes of mold appearance in storage units is stale air. Many people store their belongings and rarely come back to check up on their stuff. However, we advise you to visit the storage unit from time to time and air it out properly. Because there’s no better alternative for ventilating your storage unit than clean air. Not even the best ventilation system can do the trick. Additionally, while you’re in your storage unit, clean and vacuum the place. It won’t take you too much time, but it will surely help with preventing mold in storage units.

Think about installing tools that will help you with detecting and preventing mold in storage units

Before you rent a storage unit, it’s important to do a thorough checkup. So, check for any cracks or leaks that could lead to moisture building up, eventually leading to the appearance of mold. Then, consider installing a humidity meter in your storage unit and see what it shows. Also, you can call professionals to measure the humidity levels inside the storage unit. In case the results show that the humidity levels are sufficient for the development of mold, here’s what we suggest.

A humidity meter showing numbers
Measure humidity to prevent mold from getting to your belongings.

Useful tips to get rid of mold

In case there are signs of mold developing, you can first use desiccant agents like silica. So, place silica bags in the boxes where your belongings are stored. Then, you should strategically place charcoal briskets. Use it as charcoal is a potent moisture absorbent that also neutralizes unpleasant odors. But don’t forget to replace the briskets every two or three months to gain the best effect. Another useful tip for preventing mold in storage units is to buy a moisture absorber. You can get them in every DIY store, and they are a simple solution to prevent mold in storage units. Finally, install an electrical dehumidifier. All you need to do is to empty the water container now and then.

Pack your belongings carefully to prevent mold from getting to them

After you’ve decided what type of storage unit you want, you should carefully pack your belongings before storing them. This is the last line of defense against mold in storage units. If you don’t know how to do it properly, consider hiring packing services for the job. Professionals have the experience and tools to deal with all types of items and getting them ready for storage. Even if the mold appears at some point, proper packing will prevent it from affecting your belongings.

An additional tip for preventing mold in storage units- vapor barriers

Another useful tool to prevent mold in storage units is installing vapor barriers. They are a very effective tool for making your storage unit damp-free. One of the perks is that you can get them at every hardware store, and install them by yourself. For preventing mold in storage units, you could also use polyethylene plastic or foil. You just have to place the plastic cover on the warm side of the storage walls to remove moisture from the air. Also, install this plastic membrane beneath the floor, as floors are also a potential source of moisture.

Moisture drops on a glass
Minimize the level of moisture in your storage unit to prevent mold.

The bottom line

As you could see and read, there are many practical ways for preventing mold in storage units. Follow our advice and know that your belongings will be safe.

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