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Tips for packing wardrobe for moving in Seattle

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Whenever you are moving there is always a lot of work to do. You need to organize and prepare everything. Get in touch with some of the movers Seattle residents have recommended and let them conduct your move. Nobody likes to spend time organizing their wardrobe, but if you are moving you will have to go through your wardrobe and pack everything. If you want to do it yourself check out these tips for packing wardrobe for moving.

Organize and prepare for packing wardrobe for moving

When moving to a new home you should declutter your entire home so it is the same thing with your wardrobe. Go through your stuff to see what you will take to your new home. It is for sure that there are some things that you haven’t been using for a while. So, there is no need to take all those clothes with you. Check everything you have in your wardrobe and estimate is it worth packing. This is how you should start preparing your stuff for packing and for the move. When you decide what are you going to move to the new home you can easily decide which packing supplies do you need and how much of them.

clothes chairs mirror
The first step when packing your clothes is to decide what will you pack and what will you throw away.

If you have some things that are still in good condition, you can give them to your friends or family, or you can donate your clothes to some charity organization. In case you want to keep some of the clothes or you don’t have enough place for all the clothes in your new home, you can store these items. It is only important to choose the moving storage that fits your needs. Check with your reliable moving company if they can offer you a storage unit. You should pick the right size of the storage unit and also check if it is climate-controlled, is it well secured to leave your clothes there.

Packing supplies

So when you have finally decided what will you pack, you should provide enough packing supplies. You will be needing:

  • cardboard boxes for packing wardrobe for moving
  • plastic bins
  • plastic bags
  • packing tape
  • vacuum or compression bags
  • suitcases
  • hats and shoeboxes

You can use cardboard boxes packing folded clothing. Vacuum or compression bags are good for some bulky and massive items. Make sure you find boxes of various sizes (small, medium, and large). You can search on the internet moving boxes Seattle in order to find the boxes you need. Make sure you take enough of them.

You can contact your movers to help you relocate all your belongings. Check on the internet which furniture movers Seattle has to offer. Let the professional handle the work and make you have a stress-free relocation.

Before packing

Before you pack your clothes there are some steps you should take. You have already decided what you will pack so now you should prepare your clothes. Even it is not dirty you should wash them properly to prevent odors that can attract pests. This is for the clothes that you will store as well as for the clothes that you will pack for the move. Make sure all your clothes are clean. Before doing that you should check the labels so you can wash them properly. You can wash them at your home or take them to dry cleaning. This is maybe much easier and faster, but it is your decision.

washing machines
Make sure you wash the clothes before packing.

If you have items made of wool, leather, or fur you should provide them with adequate care. Leather purses, jackets, and shoes need to be cleaned and then rubbed with conditioning oil so they don’t dry and crack. Wool items need to be packed into breathable garment bags or boxes. Clean your shoes too and place them in boxes. In case you don’t have original boxes you can find some boxes to pack them. You can fill the empty space inside shoeboxes with foam peanuts or newspaper. Shoe bags are another good alternative to pack the shoes. It would be good to protect shoes with packing paper.

Packing wardrobe for moving

When you start packing your clothes you can sort it by materials. You can sort by cotton items, silk items, linen items, denim items, wool items, cashmere items, etc. But you will certainly do this while doing the laundry. Then, you can sort your clothes by season (summer, winter, fall, spring). You can also pack shirts with shirts, shorts with shorts to make the packing and unpacking go easier. Make sure you pack separately clothes for each member of your family. If you have some valuable pieces make sure you pack them into garment bags to provide an added layer of protection.

man with laptop surrounded by boxes
You can use boxes of different sizes and your suitcases to pack the clothes.

Don’t pack your clothes into some too large boxes and overweight them. It will be difficult to carry these boxes. In order to pack your clothes, you can use some items that are not meant for packing like dresser drawers. You can just take each drawer out of the dresser, keeping all of the items folded inside of it, and secure with plastic wrap the drawer to keep everything in place. You can use also your suitcase for packing your clothes. This is how you will have more space.

One thing you should think of too is to pack in some separate box clothes for a few first days in your new home. Maybe you will not have time to unpack everything immediately, so pick a few combinations that you can wear for a couple of days until you unpack the rest. When you have finished with packing don’t forget to label the boxes, so you know where to place them as soon as you arrive at your new home.

Yes, packing wardrobe for moving, this can be exhausting. Follow these tips, take your time and you will successfully pack your clothes and relocate it to your new home. 

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