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Tips for packing mirrors for moving cross-country

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One of the challenges for Los Angeles transfer and storage is how to pack a breakable mirror. There are several ways for packing mirrors for moving cross-country. Set up a space where you will organize the packing of mirrors. Get appropriate packing materials. The budget can be tight during the move. So for some materials, you can find a replacement. Replace moving blankets with towels. From small boxes, you can make larger ones. Also, make a cardboard sleeve by joining two pieces of cardboard and taping the edges together. Instead of bubble wrap, you can also use crumpled paper. The most important thing is to find the right packing material, and you will save money.

packing mirrors for moving cross-country
Use mirror boxes to pack the mirrors. The mirrors will have safe transport in them.

Get the necessary packing material

If you want to move the mirror contact appliance movers Los Angeles, or if you doing it by yourself prepare the necessary packing material:

  • Bubble blankets
  • Bubble wrap
  • boxes of various sizes for packing mirrors
  • wool covers
  • special mirror boxes
  • special wooden crates
  • paper wrap
  • labels fragile

A mirror carton is used to pack large mirrors, frames, and artwork. The carton should be the same size as the mirror. Line the edges of the box with crumpled paper or with bubble wrap. A paper block is a multiply paper used to wrap mirrors, and larger fragile items.

What is necessary for packing mirrors for moving cross-country?

It’s very important to prepare a mirror for a box. Tape an X or grid pattern on the surface of the mirror to protect it from breaking. In case of breakage, you will protect the frame from damage, and the mirror will be easy to replace. Cut a piece of cardboard the size of a mirror and tape it to the glass. Then wrap the item in wrapping paper, just like wrapping a gift. Tape it together again. Finally, wrap the whole thing in bubble wrap and tape. For small to medium-sized mirrors, you can use bubble wrap. Pack them together with the pictures in one box and clearly label the box on the top: fragile. Always pack each mirror in a separate box. Consider the possibility that you’ll need the climate-controlled storage Los Angeles, space for all your needs.

Prepare the appropriate boxes 

You will need mirror boxes for safe packing. They are sized to fit the mirror you can look for them in specialized stores. You can also buy them directly from a moving company. When you buy them you get four separate cardboards that merge into one.  These boxes make the process of packing mirrors for moving cross-country a lot easier.   

How to pack big and heavy mirrors

 Packing large mirrors is a challenge in itself. Bulky mirrors should be professionally packed in custom wooden crates with foam lining for protection during shipping. Keep in mind that these crates can be an additional expense. Seek advice from Los Angeles interstate movers to transport these items as safely as possible.   

Odd-shaped mirrors
Special wooden crates are required for packing mirrors for moving cross-country.

 How to pack odd-shaped mirrors

It is best to use bubble wrap or a bubble blanket for these mirrors. Then wrap them tightly. Cut up cardboard boxes to roughly match the size and shape of the mirror. Wrap them tightly with tape, and don’t forget the label: fragile! A mirror is ready and safely packed. Now that we have considered some ideas for packing and moving mirrors cross-country, it’s time to move. It’s well packed now, and you’ve avoided seven years of bad luck.





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