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Tips for packing kitchenware for an interstate move

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When moving there is a lot of things to do. You need to go through every room and pack all your belongings. This is also the moment you figure out how many unnecessary things you have. But you need to pack most of them. Make a plan and go room by room. One of the rooms that are most complicated to pack is the kitchen. You can search for some moving companies in Washington to conduct your move and pack your belongings. But if you want to do it yourself here are some tips for packing kitchenware.

Prepare for packing your kitchen

One of the rooms in the house that is most complicated to pack is the kitchen. There are a lot of appliances, dishes, galls, silverware, a lot of fragile items made of different materials, etc. You will be needing a lot of packing supplies, some manuals, tools, and a lot of patience. Take time to pack the kitchen inventory and make sure you buy more supplies than you think you will be needing. The packing supplies you will be needing:

  • cardboard boxes for packing kitchenware (large, small, and medium)
  • plastic bins
  • bubble bags
  • packing tape
  • rubber bands
  • ropes
  • scissors
  • box dividers
  • labels
  • some tools and manuals

If you don’t think you can pack your kitchen you can research professional movers Seattle has to offer and let them handle the work. Professional movers are skilled and trained for this type of work.

packing kitchenware
Be careful when packing kitchenware.

Preparing for the move is an ideal moment to declutter your home. You should remove clutter from your kitchen just like from all the other rooms in the house. Get rid of all the items you do not use anymore. You can give some items to your friends or family, some small appliances or some glasses that you haven’t been using for a while. If you want to keep some items or you don’t have enough space in your new home, you can store them. Get in touch with your movers and ask about storage units they can offer. You can store there your items until you decide what to do with them.

Packing kitchenware

Before packing your kitchen inventory make sure you clean everything. Check the cleaning products that you can use for each of the items. Clean them and let them dry. Unplug your kitchen appliances like freezer and refrigerator, 24 hours before packing. Remove from them all additional parts, detach cables and gather them in one place. If you are not sure how to pack some kitchen appliances or how to unplug them, make sure you find its manuals. It would be good to pack the appliances and other inventory into the original boxes. If you don’t have them then use some medium size boxes and if there is some space left in the box fill it with some paper, towels, or blankets to prevent damage to your kitchen inventory.

prepare refrigerator when packing kitchenware
Unplug your appliances 24 hours before packing them so they can defrost and dry.

Plates, pots, pans

First, you need to find the box of the right size. You can use the biggest pan, place it horizontally, and if it can fit into the box you can pack it and add other pans. Wrap each item in a bubble bag and then place it in the box. If there is some free space in the box, fill it with a bubble bag or some paper. Whatever you pack, make sure you fill the gaps. That will prevent items from moving. You don’t want to see some broken glasses or damaged appliances when you arrive at your new home.


If you do not have the original box for your flatware you can sort them according to type. Then wrap each type with a rubber band. Pack them into bubble bags. Make sure you secure additionally the knives. Once you have wrapped them you can pack them in a box.

Glasses and mugs

Glasses are the most fragile items to pack, especially the wine glasses, or if you have some crystal glasses. Make sure you wrap them with a double layer. As always, it would be best to use its original box, but if you don’t have it then make sure you choose the right size of the box, secure the glasses, and put dividers in these boxes. Put the labels on these boxes so you let your movers know there are some fragile items inside and that they need some special care. Do not stack anything on top of these boxes.

Other kitchen inventory

Some other items that can be found in your kitchen like cookbooks, spice jars, baking sheets should be packed too. In case you have a lot of cookbooks, don’t pack them all together because that can be very heavy to carry. Wrap separately every jar and then put them in the box. When you finish with that, close the box and secure it with packing tape.

space cabinet packing kitchenware
Make sure you wrap each jar with spices with a bubble bag before you place them into the box.

Reliable movers for packing kitchenware

If you have decided to move a few blocks away or to another city, there is always the same list of tasks. You always need to pack your belongings, organize your movers, rent a moving truck, gather your documents, etc. If you are moving interstate it is stressful, you need to think about every single detail. You need to organize relocation and find your new home.

Set your budget and then contact several movers to get a free estimate. Then you can choose a moving company that suits your needs and budget. They will organize your move and you can spend more time with your friends. You maybe think you will save some money by moving on your own, but you can end up spending more money than you thought. A reliable moving company can offer you insurance, so you will not have to worry about your belongings. They will organize everything and in case your belongings get damaged or lost your money will be reimbursed.

Here are the tips about packing kitchenware. Go step by step, be very careful not to break or damage something. Follow the tips and it will be just fine.

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