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Tips for packing kitchenware for a move in Seattle

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When you are moving to your new home you need to pack, prepare, and organize everything. One of the rooms where there is maybe the most things to pack is the kitchen. So, here are some tips for packing kitchenware for a move. When moving you can call your friend to help or simply check which residential movers Seattle has to offer. But, if you want to do it yourself check out these tips.

Prepare for packing

The kitchen is maybe the room that is the most difficult to pack. There are a lot of different items, massive, fragile, in different shapes, made of different types of materials. So, make sure you have enough packing supplies, and start. You should probably buy more packing supplies than you think because you never know. There is a lot of things to pack in the kitchen. Packing supplies that you can use are:

  • firstly, cardboard boxes for packing kitchenware for a move (large, small, and medium)
  • plastic bins
  • bubble bags
  • packing tape
  • rubber bands
  • ropes
  • scissors
  • box dividers
  • labels
couple packing
Get enough packing supplies and pack your items properly.

Moving is always an ideal moment to declutter your home. Do the same thing with the kitchen. If you have anything that you haven’t been using for a long time, get rid of that. Go through each cupboard and drawer and select the items you will keep and pack. The kitchen supplies that are in good shape but you do not use them anymore you can donate or you can give them to some friends or family. Or, you can store them for a while.

Packing kitchenware for a move

What you can do at the beginning is to pack in one separate box the things you will be needing in the first few days in your new home. You can label it as an essentials box, and it would be good to take it with you, in your car and not in the moving truck. You can pack some dishes, glasses, a few forks and knives, maybe a toaster, something that will be enough until you unpack the rest of the items. Go through each cabinet and drawer, and start with packing. Before you pack all of that make sure you wash them.

Glasses and mugs

You should pack each glass separately. You can wrap them into bubble bags and use double layers. Put dividers inside the boxes. Make sure you label the boxes, especially if there are some fragile items in them like wine glasses. Don’t stack anything on top of your glassware.


Start by sorting your flatware according to type. Wrap each type with a rubber band. Make sure you use bubble bags to wrap the items. Secure additionally knives. After wrapping them, put them in a box.

Dishes (plates, pots, pans)

Stack plates and bowls for easy packing. Wrap each item before stacking, to prevent breaking it. Find the boxes of the appropriate size. Wrap the items and then put them in the boxes. Make sure to add support around the pots and pans by stuffing paper or dish towels into openings. That will keep them from moving around.


If you have some cookbooks, baking sheets, etc you can pack them simply in boxes and secure them with packing tape. If you have a lot of cookbooks don’t put them all together in one box, that can be too heavy to carry. If you have a spice cabinet, you can use a small box to store all of your spices. Put some packing paper around any spices in glass jars so they don’t break. Be careful while packing all the items, and secure them additionally depending on the material they are made of.

You can pack some dishes, glasses, a few forks, and knives, maybe a toaster, something that will be enough for a few days until you unpack.

Kitchen appliances – tips for packing kitchenware for a move

When packing kitchen appliances you should clean and dry them first, then unplug them, and remove any hoses. Check which cleaning products you can use for each item. It would be good to pack the items in their original boxes. If you don’t have them you can use some medium boxes. Be aware that putting appliances in a huge box with a lot of empty space inside can make the risk of damaging during the relocation. Remove smaller parts and fragile items, like glass bowls. Wrap the fragile pieces in bubble bags and you can use a double layer of packing paper to wrap the metal or plastic pieces. When it comes to appliances it would be good to have their manuals near you.

Wrap each plate and then stack them. Be careful when packing to prevent breaking them.

Find reliable movers

When you decide to move, there is a long list of tasks to do. Packing, cleaning, renting a moving truck, hiring reliable movers, etc. It can be really exhausting, So, make yourself easier to relocate and get in touch with movers Seattle residents recommended. They are skilled and well equipped and will take care of your belongings. Also, you will not have to worry about renting a moving truck. Reliable moving companies have a lot of different vehicles and in different sizes.

They can offer you insurance so in case your items get damaged or stolen your money will be reimbursed. Moving companies can provide you with full service. Full service includes packing and unpacking, loading and unloading the moving truck, relocation, storage, getting rid of the waste, etc. It is up to you to decide what do you need.

Tips for packing kitchenware for a move

Here are some tips for packing kitchenware for a move. Packing a kitchen is not easy, so give yourself enough time. Make sure you pack everything properly, to secure every box so you don’t end up finding your dishes and glasses broken. Follow your plan and everything will be fine. Or, save yourself the trouble and let your movers conduct the relocation.

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