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Tips for moving with roommates to LA

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Moving alone is hard enough, and moving with your family is even harder. But moving with your roommates is a whole other beast. This is a group of people that even though you all live together your goals, jobs, and lives are totally separate things. So to make sure everything goes smoothly here are some tips for moving with roommates to LA.

Roommates in LA

When you live with someone for a certain amount of time, you become as close as family in some cases. Those people become your support and you become there’s. In today’s times especially in larger cities its quite common to find young people sharing houses and apartments, with one or more people. Even though this is most common for students it is present even with other people. When moving with roommates to LA finding moving companies in California is not the only task. Here are some tips we made for you.

  • Moving date
  • Divide belongings
  • Bills and rooms
  • Go on an adventure
People gather around the table making plans for moving with roommates to LA
When moving with your roommates make sure that you all sit down, and make moving plans together.

Moving date

The first and most important thing when moving with roommates to LA is the date of the move. If you are for example moving from Colorado to California you all will need time to prepare. Not only school transfers if you are students or work-related things. But mentally as well. Moving can be very hard on your mental state. And having the feeling that you need to rush is draining. So arrange the move day early and make your schedules around it.

Divide belongings

When you live with roommates usually you all have your own rooms or areas of the house or apartment. But even then some of your things can get mixed up. For example, clothes are weary easy to get mixed up, and some other everyday things that are in your common area. So everyone should pack their own things before moving with roommates to LA. And make sure to look at what you are packing. If you spot something that is not yours pick a place and bring all of those items there. If you have some items that no one of you wants or you don’t have where to pack them, you can put them in storage units Denver CO for safe keeping.

The other thing you can do is donate them to a charity like The Furniture Bank.

Two people looking at a map
When picking out a new place to live, make sure that it’s close to everyone’s work or school. Or at least pick a place in the middle.

Bills and rooms

When moving with roommates to LA there are things to discuss prior to the move. From finding the apartment with a location that fits all of your needs, to the rooms in it and bills. Contact residential moving companies Los Angeles CA and make sure to agree with all of your roommates on the services you will need and splitting the bill. Make sure you already decide on who gets which room so the unpacking can go smoother. 

Go on an adventure

After moving to LA take some time to unpack and rest. And after that, it’s time for an adventure. Organize a roommate out day and have some fun in a new city. Relaxing and bonding after moving with roommates to LA will help you all get used to the new environment, and strengthen your bond.

Moving with roommates is more stressful than moving alone. But they provide you with support and make sure you are not lonely in a new and unfamiliar environment. 

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