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Tips for moving rugs and carpets in Seattle

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    When you are moving your household, you are probably more concerned with the number of items so you don’t think about specific pieces that you own. One such item would be your carpet. Rugs and carpets are very functional and almost everyone has at least one in every room. This means having three or four carpets to move to your new home. Due to their size and shape, they can be quite tricky to move. For this reason, you should hire moving companies in Washington to help you and read all of these tips for moving rugs and carpets in Seattle. 

    Hire a moving company or not? 

    When you are moving from Washington to California, your items will travel for a long time. This also includes your rugs and carpets. If you do not have enough moving experience or you do not feel comfortable driving a huge moving truck, you should definitely hire movers. Not only will they know how to safely transport your items to your new address, but they will also know how to properly load the moving truckFor this reason, you should hire a moving company at least a couple of weeks in advance. 

    Particularly when you are moving your carpets, it would be better to hire movers. As mentioned, due to their size and shape, it can be quite difficult to move your rugs. For this reason, pool table movers Seattle will definitely know how to deal with any items that require special attention. 

    red carpets
    Find a moving company to move your carpets

    Preparation when moving rugs and carpets in Seattle 

    Since you are moving to LA from Seattleyou should clean all of your items, including your carpets. Why is this important? Well, carpets are usually filled with dust, mud from outside, care, and so on. It would be unwise to pack your carpet while it is dirty. In addition to this, you do not want to bring a dirty carpet into your new pretty house. For this reason, it is necessary to clean your carpets. It is not enough only to vacuum your carpet. 

    How should you clean your carpet? You should either have professionals clean your carpet or you can wash it yourself. You can buy detergents for carpets. Use a cleaning rag and warm water to wash your carpet properly. After you do this, make sure to completely dry your carpet before packing it. This is extremely important in order to avoid damaging your carpet with moisture. Mold can and it will damage your carpet if you leave it wet for a long time. 

    roll your carpet when moving rugs and carpets in Seattle
    You should clean your carpet before moving

     How to pack? 

    Moving rugs and carpets in Seattle means also properly packing them for transport. Here is how to do it. If you want to do it alone, ask your friends to help you. 

    • Buy an archival tube or cardboard rug tube 
    • Roll up your carpets and rugs 
    • Tie your carpets and rugs up to prevent them from unrolling during the transport 

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