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Tips for moving in together with your significant other – LA edition

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    There comes a time when you want to move in with your significant other. This is a huge step since you will share your personal space with your partner. For this reason, it is really important to prepare well for this life-changing decision. Organizing a reallocation and finding affordable moving companies Los Angeles can be quite stressful. Trying to work out all the details for your life together it’s also quite difficult. Therefore, here are all the best tips for moving in together with your significant other. 

    two people holding hands
    It is a big decision to move in together with your partner

    Money and moving in together with your significant other 

    You need to have a serious talk about your finances. Financial issues are bound to rise. You need to see where you will live. You can either buy a house or rent a place or even moving to someone’s apartment. But then, you need to decide how will you split your living expenses. Are you going to have a shared bank account? Will you make a monthly piggy bank where both of you will add the same amount of money? You need to figure out these details before you move in together so they won’t come between the two of you in the future. If you plan to buy a house or rent a new place, then you need to define your budget. Do not forget to add moving services, cleaning services Los Angeles, packing services, and so on to your budget. 

    Everything you need to know about the rental application 

    You can either try to find a place by yourself or you can hire a real estate agent. If you either plan to buy a place or rent, you will need to gather a lot of important documents. These include the following. 

    • Letter of employment with your salary written there as well as the date you started  
    • Pay stubs 
    • A letter of reference from your previous landlords will come in handy. If you are renting for the first time, then, ask someone to vouch for you if necessary. 
    • Taxes returns 
    • Bank Statements 

    In addition to this, you will need to get pre-approved for a mortgage if you plan to buy a house.  You need to visit the bank as soon as possible after you make your final decision.  

    buldings during the sunset
    You need to prepare documents when renting or buying a place

    Choosing what to relocate 

    Lastly, you need to choose what to move. Since they are two of you, you will have a lot of items that might not all fit inside your new place. For this reason, both of you need to be practical when decluttering your home. It would be wise to only bring necessities. You can buy everything else once you settle into your new home. In addition to this, you can either sell, donate, or simply throw away all the things you’re not planning to move. By selling your items, you can earn some additional money and by donating, you can be eligible for a tax deduction. 

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