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Tips for moving in the summer

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Most of us tend to move throughout spring or autumn. Not too hot or cold is what gets us through the day of heavy lifting. But if you find your dream home just in time to be moving in the summer, what’s there to stop you? Let’s get to it to find out how you can make your summer move as convenient as it gets.

Hire your movers

Moving companies will make the whole process a lot easier for you. Moving from California to Colorado will be a piece of cake. Managing things on your own is doable of course it can just take a bit more time. And since you have to do a lot more than just relocating moving company is your savior here.

All the paperwork that has to be settled can be done while movers do their thing. These are professionals and they will pack you up in no time. Moving in the summer doesn’t need to be difficult at all. You just have to find a suitable moving company and make a solid schedule.

Make your to-do list before moving in the summer

Lists are very important when it comes to bigger jobs. Even grocery shipping needs a list to keep you on the track of all the things you need. The To-do list for your moving days is equally important. Every member of the household should have their tasks. Make your to-do list by consulting with your family about what is most comfortable for them to do.

A to-do list you can use when moving in the summer
Make a to-do list before moving in the summer

Some might not be able to do the heavy lifting so they can deal with the paperwork or inventory. Some might be able to ship items to storage units Denver Co. Older kids can be in charge of packing stuff from their rooms. With everybody dealing with a certain part of the move, this will be done in no time! Organizing your family members around this goal is a nice family activity as well. It does not have to be dull and boring. Make sure your moving in the summer is fun for everybody. Put on some music and have some fun while working.

Take care of yourself

Heats in the summer can sometimes be over the top in certain parts of the country. This is why you must know how to take care of yourself and your family. Moving in the summer means you will need to prepare. By preparing we mean making yourself comfortable. Wear something loose and thin so you can move around in. Do not forget to apply sunscreen. It is important all year round especially if you are out the whole day relocating. Protect yourself and your family as well.

Make sure you always have some fresh fruits and water by your side. Refreshing summer drinks is what will get you through the day. Fruits are known to raise energy levels. And yet, fruits are not heavy food that will prevent you from performing at full potential. Always keep your fruits and refreshment in the fridge for as long as you can. Or just hop by the store for an icy fresh batch when you need it. Start your day early in the morning when the sun isn’t as strong. You will get more done by the time the heat starts to bother you. Make sure you have regular breaks when working. When the sun starts setting, you can speed up the pace a bit.

Get yourself some proper tools

One of the most important parts of moving in the summer is getting your hand on some proper equipment. Great tools are an essential part of any moving process. They can make your life easier and you can minimize the risk of getting hurt. With the right tools at your hand, anyone from the family can learn how to transfer bulky items. Because the tools are doing them for you. Here is what you will need for moving in the summer:

  •     Moving dolly
  •     Sliders
  •     Protective wraps
  •     Moving straps
a packing wrapping material with scissors and a packing tape
Make sure to gather all the packing material

It is very important to use your equipment right. So take some time before the heavy lifting comes to inform yourself of proper packing techniques. We know you are in a rush with this, but preventing any injuries on a moving day is equally important. Be sure you pack smart as well. Some of your things might not be able to stand in the sun for too long. Make sure you load the truck with some durable items first. Leave the delicates last. Your house is a much safer place for them that the truck standing under the sun.

Organize a yard sale

With warm weather coming it is perfect timing for yard sales. You can layout stuff you got rid of when you decluttered your home. That is if you are not relocating on short notice. Getting rid of it at the same time as making money is a win-win situation. Money from your yard sale can be used for some supplies or tools. Moving in the summer has some benefits and charms.

a yard sale
Get rid of some unwanted items by organizing a yard sale

While you are wrapping up your packing your kids can do the sale. Those can be pretty exciting for them, as they are in general. You can also make a lemonade stand right there on your yard sale. Teaching kids how everything works starts from tasks like these. Earning money and working is something every parent should teach their kids on time. Play some music and keep the mood right. Call some friends to lay a helping hand and have some fun in the process.

Moving in the summer surely has its benefits. You just need to be organized and everything will go just as planned. With some help fro your kids, movers, and friends, the job will be done in no time. And soon you will find yourself in your new beautiful home surrounded by ventilators and air condition! No better feeling in the world.

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