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Tips for moving hotels in Seattle

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    Sometimes, businesses need to relocate. This holds true for many types of businesses, hotels included. First off, you will need reliable Washington movers to relocate all of your stuff. You will also need to organize everything and to make this the whole relocation into something new and better. This article is going to provide all the tips you might need when moving hotels in Seattle.

    Moving hotels in Seattle – 3 useful tips

    Here are the 3 most valuable tips that we could find:

    • Create a master plan and make announcements when moving hotels in Seattle
    • Prepare for a multi-day move
    • Change your address on all platforms and websites and host a grand Re-opening
    Create a moving plan well in advance.

    Create a master plan and make announcements when moving hotels in Seattle

    Relocating an entire hotel is no mean feat. It will include a lot of organization on your part and quite a bit of planning. You want to start by forming a master plan. This will include finding affordable movers Seattle, figuring out the exact dates, and so on. Creating such a plan will take quite a bit of time so make sure that you actually have enough for the task. Don’t rush anything, as it might bite you in the proverbial ass if you do.

    Another thing that you really need to consider is how to announce that you are moving to another place. You will have regular customers who want to stay at your hotel regardless of where you are and they need to know. You might want to entice some of your customers with special offers, as well. But do make sure that everyone gets the announcement.

    Prepare for a multi-day move

    More often than not, relocating an entire hotel will last a couple of days. You may want to come to terms with that, ahead of time. This endeavor will also require a lot of packing effort, as well. While you can definitely hire packing services and make it easier on yourself, it will still be a while until everything is unpacked and in its proper place. Nothing to do about this, you simply want to know that it is coming and mentally prepare for it.

    Prepare for a multi-day move.

    Change your address on all platforms and websites and host a grand Re-opening

    After the actual relocation is over, there is still more work to do. You will need to change all the addresses on every address book your hotel is in. Ditto for websites and other places. Basically, you want to make an exhaustive list of every single place you’ve put your hotel address. And then change that address to the new one.

    While you are doing that, you might also want to consider holding a grand Re-opening for your hotel. While you are changing addresses, make some posts and messages on various social and other media. You’re back and better than ever, try to communicate that to the best of your ability. Marketing is everything in the hotel business and this is a great time to capitalize on your situation. It is new, it is exciting!

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