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Tips for loading a moving truck for a move from WA

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You might think that loading a moving truck is easy. But there is a lot of preparations concerning choosing the right moving truck, packing, and positioning of furniture. There are multiple ways to maximize your storage space in the back of the truck rental if you use some proper techniques and tricks. If you are not sure you can do that, you should contact one of the best moving companies in Washington. In case you prefer to do it alone here are some tips for loading a moving truck for a move from WA.

Packing first before loading a moving truck for a move from WA

Before you come to loading the moving truck, you should pack your belongings. Firstly you should decide what to pack, so you can estimate how much packing supplies you need but also, this is how you can decide what size of the moving truck suits your needs. If you have some massive furniture, you should disassemble it first. It will be a lot easier to pack these massive items part by part. Then you need to clean and wash all the items you are planning to pack. Unplug the appliances and clean them properly before packing. Once you have prepared the items for moving from Washington to California you should gather all the packing supplies. You will be needing cardboard boxes in different sizes, plastic bins, packing paper, bubble bags, packing tape, furniture sliders, moving blankets, and maybe some tools for disassembling.

When you have gathered everything you can start packing your items. If you have some massive items that can be difficult to handle like a pool table, you should search for pool table movers Seattle residents recommend, and let them take care of these items. Massive items like this or piano can be very difficult to pack and transport but if you hire reliable movers they will do it easily. Packed items should be placed in a moving truck properly so they do not damage and to make sure you have used all the possible storing space inside the truck. You can follow these tips:

  • when loading a moving truck for a move from WA you should place the largest items first
  • then you can load it with the rest of the boxes
  • pack the fragile items last

Choosing the right moving truck

You can follow this order from above to load the moving truck to prevent damage. Or you can hire reliable movers for moving to LA from Seattle. Relocation takes a lot of time and energy but with professionals at your side, it can be easy. But it is up to you.

To make the loading of a moving truck easier, you should choose the right one. Choosing the right vehicle of the right size for your relocation is very important. If you choose a moving truck that is big enough you will pack everything at once, and it will save you some money. So, measure all your belongings before choosing a moving truck. Contact several movers and check their offer. Ask about their rates. They can vary depending on the distance.

pack properly before loading a moving truck
Pack your items properly before loading a moving truck.

Loading a moving truck for a move from WA – large items first

If you have done with all the preparations you can start loading a moving truck. It would be best to load the largest and heaviest items first. This will include any mattresses, bed frames, tables, chairs, refrigerators, washer/dryers, etc. Massive items and major appliances are really heavy, so you will be needing some help. Be sure to place heavier items near the cab where the driver sits. Make sure you balance the truck by placing heavy objects on opposite sides. Distributing the weight evenly throughout the truck will make it easier to load and unload without an avalanche of boxes falling over.

Then you can pack the items like sofas, couches, headboards, and tables. Large items take the most of the space in a moving truck. To save space you can place them in an upright, vertical position. Use a lot of moving blankets, pads, and plastic wraps to protect the furniture, especially the wooden ones. All the rugs should be rolled up and wrapped in plastic wrap to save room on the truck. Be strategic when loading a moving truck so you can use most of its storing space.

moving truck
It is important to choose the moving truck of the right size so you can transport everything at once.

Pack your fragile items last

When you finish loading the largest items and all the boxes full of your belongings, it is time to pack the lightest and the fragile ones. This includes some artworks, antiques, sculptures, and all the small and fragile items. When loading lighter items onto the moving truck, be sure to place them on top of furniture and appliances. Place them safely so they do not fall and crash. Also, it will a lot easier to unload the truck like this. You will immediately reach the fragile items and place them somewhere safe. Do not forget to pack your essentials box and to load it last onto the moving truck.

Hire reliable movers

Whether you need assistance during the entire relocation or you are only looking for a moving truck, it is a lot easier if you hire the right moving company. Moving requires a lot of small tasks that need to be done, and this takes a lot of energy and can be very stressful. If you hire reliable movers, your items will be properly packed, they will load the moving truck, and relocate safely your belongings. Do the research and find reliable movers that suit your needs. You will avoid the headaches and worries about the relocation if you have professionals at your side. Also, they will offer you insurance that will cover any damage caused to your items.

reliable movers
Reliable movers will load and unload a moving truck and transport your belongings safely.

Loading a moving truck for a move from WA can be tricky, but if you follow these instructions, you will load it successfully. Go step by step and there will be no problem. Good luck!

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