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Tips for deep cleaning your new home

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    When you get to your new home, you won’t know if someone lived there before you. If they did, they likely cleaned everything before they left. But with the pandemic we have been through, people got used to doing deep cleans. And it is recommended that you do, mostly for safety reasons. If a long time passed before the previous owners moved out, dust accumulated for sure. You could hire some cleaning services Los Angeles, or you could do it yourself. If DIY is your choice, you should learn a few things about deep cleaning your new home.

    Tips for deep cleaning your new home

    Since you are starting a new chapter of life, you should start with a clean slate. Nothing makes you feel cleaner than deep cleaning your new home after moving with some affordable moving companies Los Angeles. Since you had help, you are likely not tired like you would be if you did everything yourself. So put your leftover energy to good use by:

    • Unpacking everything
    • Start high and build your way down
    • Pay attention to the bathrooms
    Picture of floor cleaning
    Deep cleaning your new home is recommended

    Unpack first

    There will be no use to clean if you still didn’t unpack everything. A pro tip we can give you is to put away the things as soon as you take them out of the boxes. Once everything is in its place, you can start deep cleaning. That doesn’t mean that you cannot start cleaning something while some art movers Los Angeles are moving in your art pieces. Before they arrive, you can clean the walls where the art will be put.

    Start high and go low

    If you clean the floor first, you will get it dirty again as you go about and clean the rest. If you want to avoid doing things twice, start cleaning up first. This includes dusting off upper shelves, flat surfaces, and even the walls. All the dust and dirt will fall, and you will end the process by cleaning the floors.

    Pay attention to the bathrooms

    While some moving companies Burbank CA still work, you can start working too. There is a high chance that someone will have to use the bathroom soon after you arrive, especially if you moved with kids. Since we all know how many germs there can be in a bathroom, this should be your first focus. You have hopefully brought some cleaning supplies with you so that you can get to work. If that is not the case, you can go to a nearby store, get what you need, and maybe even meet some new neighbors on the way.

    Picture of a person deep cleaning your new home
    Bathrooms tend to be dirty

    When you are deep cleaning your new home, keep in mind to not overwork yourself. Cleaning takes time and effort, and it is physically tiring. Remember to take it slow and use relaxation techniques when you can. Good luck!

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