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Tips and tricks for moving to a studio apartment in Colorado

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Are you moving to a studio apartment in Colorado soon? You must be wondering how you’re going to fit all of your belongings inside. Don’t worry, Colorado Movers have years of moving and packing experience! We know how hard moving is, but having to move to a studio apartment poses new challenges that not everyone has to overcome. Usually, moving to a studio apartment means downsizing, which is quite the logistic issue. Moving to a studio apartment poses space restrictions that you’ll have to learn to work and live with. That’s normal, and everyone gets used to it and finds a way to live an absolutely normal, functional life in a smaller space. Many people prefer it because they realize that they own much more items that they actually need, and then feel better because they start contributing to the health of a planet. Some people like smaller places because they make them feel safe. To find out how to make your relocation to a studio apartment as easy as possible, keep on reading! 

Look at the upside when  moving to a studio apartment

Colorado is a vast city with a lot to offer. Before you start thinking about the logistics of the move, think about all the upsides to living in a studio apartment: 

  • You’re closer to the city center. You won’t depend on your car or the bus to take your somewhere. You’ll be able to go home on foot or to get a cab that won’t cost you a fortune. 
  • All of the stores and services are closed, and since you’ll be living close to the center, you won’t have to spend as much gas or money on city transport.
small apartment
Moving to a studio apartment poses space restrictions that you’ll have to learn to work and live with, but there are also numerous upsides!
  • Besides lessening the costs of transport, you’re also not paying as much for the rent
  • The utility bills that you have to pay are lower because you don’t have to spend as much energy on heating or cooling the space. You also use fewer light bulbs, you use the vacuum cleaner for a shorter amount of time, etc. All of those expenses add up to be much smaller than in a bigger apartment. 
  • When you move into a studio apartment, you’ll notice that you have to keep everything tidy because the mess can develop pretty quickly. As a consequence, and because of a much smaller space, you won’t have to have a weekly or bi-weekly cleaning actions since you’ll always keep your space tidy! 
  • You don’t have to deal with another person living with you. Almost everyone knows how hard it can be to live with someone you don’t get along with. When you rent a room in a shared apartment, you’ll likely be stuck with someone who is loud, unclean, or just disrespectful of others. When you live in a studio apartment, you don’t have that kind of stress in your life. 

Decluttering is necessary before  moving to a studio apartment

Decluttering is the single most important step when it comes to moving into a studio apartment. You should declutter like you are moving to another state or overseas! That means that you’ll have to get rid of the items that you no longer want or need, but also, get rid of them if they don’t serve you anymore. One of the best tactics that you can integrate into your decluttering process is selling the big, bulky furniture pieces and appliances. That will lessen the moving costs significantly. Also, it will give you enough funds to buy similar or smaller furniture and appliances for your new studio apartment. Don’t bring anything bulky into it, and try to plan the furniture schedule in advance. If there are some items that you don’t want to sell, you can also consider donating them or simply throwing them away. 

toiletries cupboard
Be mindful of the quantities of the items that you bring into your new apartment.

Move essentials to your new apartment only

If you don’t need some items, don’t bring them to your new studio apartment. At least, not initially. You are definitely going to have items that you don’t want to gift or sell. Pack them carefully and stock up the cardboard boxes in one room. Make sure you label those boxes with a certain sign or a color. You should place them in the storage space and gradually decide what you’re going to introduce into your studio apartment. Also, you don’t have to hurry with the selection process. You’re going to feel what you need naturally, and then gradually bring the items out of storage, and possibly place some of the items back.

Pick your storage space carefully

It’s very possible that you’ll have to rent a storage space. Unless, of course, you have a friend or family member who has a spare room, or a garage. Even then, it’s not ideal. The only way to make sure your items will stay in the same condition as when you packed them is to place them in the quality storage units, like Storage Units Denver. Pick carefully, because the future of your belongings depends on the quality of storage services. At first, you can send out free quotes to see which companies and storage units fit your budget. The storage space should be climate-controlled, it should have numerous security measures and it should be regularly maintained. After that, to make sure you’re making the right choice and that you’ve picked the best storage service possible, call the moving and storage company that you want to hire. Ask them all of the questions that you have to check whether they’re the right fit. 

Additional tips and tricks for moving to a studio apartment in Colorado

When moving to a studio apartment, there are a few additional things that you should keep in mind: 

  • You should make an inventory list. The inventory list will help you keep track of your belongings. When you aren’t sure whether it’s in the apartment or storage, just take a look at the list and you’ll easily find out. 
  • Think of the ways that you can optimize the space in your apartment. You can get the inspiration from numerous projects regarding the tiny homes, small living spaces, and also, van life. You’d be surprised by the hacks that people think of and how creative they get! Use the infinite resources that the internet provides.
camper van
Get inspired by other small living spaces! They are endless inspiration for living hacks.
  • Don’t underestimate the importance of quality moving services. Quality moving services can make or break your move. Los Angeles Transfer is at your disposal when it comes to moving and storage services. 

Are you ready to book a reliable, trustworthy moving company and start your life on the right foot? 

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