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Things to do for Christmas in Los Angeles in 2022

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Are you moving to LA in December and are on the lookout for things to do for Christmas in Los Angeles in 2022? If the answer is yes then you came to the right place! You see many people move to LA or at least visit around this time. As it’s one of the best times to explore and see the city, without the California heat. Believe it or not but this is the time of year when the best moving companies Los Angeles has to offer have their hands full! So what should you expect around Christmas in the city of angels?

Winter in LA

The daytime temperatures during winter can reach the mid-60s. But that’s only for a couple of minutes! During the summer, the beaches are actually colder, and the city areas are much hotter (because of the concrete). But during the winter, the beach and city reverse their roles. The city becomes colder and the beach become warmer. The rainy season begins in November and lasts all the way up to March or April. But most of the rainy days are in January or February. But that doesn’t mean that LA winters are cold! There are usually a couple of heat cycles in winter bringing LA a rise in temperatures. If you are moving from Colorado to California you will notice that winters here and there are a lot different. And that means that things to do for Christmas in Los Angeles in 2022 are not limited by the winter cold!

A family decorating a tree before they look for things to do for Christmas in Los Angeles in 2022
If you just moved and are looking for quality things to do for Christmas in Los Angeles in 2022 with your family, don’t worry! There are many things for you to do and see!

December is the perfect time to visit LA! Why? Well, it’s cooler and more comfortable in regard to the weather. Pack warm clothes for the LA mornings and evenings and enjoy a December trip or move. And because this time is quite popular with the tourists make sure to reserve everything before December 15th when all of the euphoria kicks in! Keep in mind that December is a popular month which means there will be crowds!

What to pack?

No matter the reason behind your coming to LA the fact that you need to wear something when moving or coming here as a tourist is apparent. But some of the best things to do for Christmas in Los Angeles in 2022 will require specific clothes! The best way to go about this is to have some clothes ready. You can pack them close to you or even place them in one of the best climate controlled storage Los Angeles offers! If you bring layers you will never be cold in LA! Jeans and long-sleeved shirts are perfect! Layering can be a fashion statement as well as a nice way to stay warm. LA does not have an extremely low climate, but sometimes it will get a little chilly so be ready!

  • Jeans
  • Cargo pants
  • Comfortable shoes
  • Waterproof boots
  • Warm long-sleeved shirts
  • Coats
  • Sweaters
Sweaters neatly stacked one on the other
LA is not as cold as other states, but at the same time, you still need layers! Especially in the mornings and evenings.

Visit Universal Studios

Universal Studios are bringing you “Grinchmas”. One of the best things to do for Christmas in Los Angeles in 2022 is to go and hunt the Grinch and stop him from stealing Christmas! He will be loose somewhere in Universal Studios! But that’s not all! There will be many more Grinched-themed attractions such as musicals and other activities. If you take your kids both you and them can take photos with the Grinch, his dog Max as well as Santa Claus! This attraction starts at the beginning of every December and is on specific dates. You can see the dates picked out for 2022 on the Universal Studios website! But even that’s not the end of it! There will be many more attractions! For example, Harry Potter fans will be able to experience a magical Christmas!

Winter wonders

LA is a big city boosting a big population. As such there are many things to do for Christmas in Los Angeles in 2022. Over the years many new attractions have become more and more popular. Among them, some are the winter wonders you would never expect to find in California. So before moving to LA got to your storage units Denver CO and grab your winter equipment! Sleds, snowboards, and so on. Although LA is known to be warm, you will still have the pleasure of seeing snow on the surrounding mountains. As well as the opportunity to ski and snowboard there, while your kid sled! On the other hand, if you want to experience winter wonder without going far, then ice skating is just the thing for you! The Rinks start opening around October and can last all the way up to February!

A family sitting in snow
Even though LA almost never has snow, the surrounding mountains have a lot of it!

Visit the 2022 Newport Beach Christmas Boat Parade

Watch beautifully garnished yachts, ships, kayaks, and canoes drift along the dock in the 114th Newport Beach Christmas Boat Parade. You can go and watch it with your family or friends. And for those more adventurous the possibility of registering your own boat is always open! Some things to do for Christmas in Los Angeles in 2022 are annual like this one, and are quite famous! You can choose to watch the parade from many of the public sports along the route, from the nearby bars, or even by buying a ticket and sitting directly on one of the gorgeous boats! If you just contacted movers Orange County residents recommend and are moving to LA then you maybe won’t be able to join with your own boat. But you can surely watch from the coast and wait for the next year to sail with them!


Are you looking for more things to do for Christmas in Los Angeles in 2022? Well, then visit Lightscape! This is a worldwide famous festival of light, art, and music that converts the Arboretum into a brilliant night adventure! Roam along unexpected new structures on an expanded path that contains the glorious Winter Cathedral. Lightscape is a very unique, family-friendly walking occurrence that is excellent for holiday amusement and groups. The event is located at the L.A. Arboretum, 301 North Baldwin Avenue. After moving here with the help of the best Los Angeles interstate movers it’s a nice way to spend some family quality time.

A Chatedral during Christmas
Every place in LA is decorated beautifully during Christmas.

Enchanted Forest

Enchanted Forest of Light is an interactive experience and one of the best night attractions and things to do for Christmas in Los Angeles in 2022. A one-mile stroll through unusual lighting experiences in some of the most prized sites of Descanso Gardens. Famous returning choices include a whole town of enchanted “stained glass” creations made in the Rose Garden by a modern sculptor Tom Fruin. It’s a nice place to relax and enjoy with both family and friends. As well as a nice place for people that want to take interesting pictures for their social media or portfolios. Some artists also come and enjoy the work of their colleagues, while art movers Los Angeles move their precious pieces into their new homes.

The LA beaches

Summer crowds are gone. And what’s left are clean beaches without any people. In the meantime, the gorgeous cities dress up in holiday glitter. So if you are still looking for things to do for Christmas in Los Angeles in 2022 then we have some propositions for you. Unlike what some may think, you can most certainly go to the beach in LA in December! In reality, many individuals think that the temperature is actually more likable during this period of the year. Of course, some places provide various types of panorama views and activities.

Mother and dauther having a picknick on the beach
Take a day to enjoy the LA beaches!

Most individuals shy away from the coasts during the more frigid winter months. They are leaving you with lesser groups to appreciate the fantastic sight. However, some beaches can still be a little crowded during the holidays. With a little bit of summer in the middle of winter and Christmas, California is the place to be. Especially if you are moving from a colder climate, then leave all the hard work to the moving services Los Angeles provides and have a relaxing day out on the beach.

Christmas Market

If you used the services provided by long distance movers Los Angeles residents recommend and moved here during the year, then this is your first Christmas in LA! Well, then you should know there are many things to do for Christmas in Los Angeles in 2022! Tempting your wallets are the seemingly endless holiday markets and craftwork fairs showing local, handmade products for additional special gifts. Here you can find anything. From pharmacy goods and handwoven purses to handmade jewelry, candles, photographs, and more. If you still don’t know what to get your family and loved ones for the holidays then just by visiting here you will find a lot of inspiration. This way you will also provide a lot of support to small businesses and struggling artists!

Girl decorating her market stall as one of the things to do for Christmas in Los Angeles in 2022
There are different types of markets all throughout LA!

And the good thing is LA doesn’t have one market! There are many different types of Christmas Markets! No matter what type of gift you are looking for, there will be a place for you. There are many handmade markets where everything is unique, and one of a kind. A place where you will find many beautiful gifts for others and yourself. There are even food markets, vintage markets, luxury markets and so much more!

The Hollywood Christmas Parade

LA is a city famous for its entertainment industry. As such does it really come as a surprise that there are many events that incorporate Hollywood with holidays? One of those events is the Hollywood Christmas Parade! The Hollywood Christmas Parade is previously known as the Hollywood Santa Parade and Santa Claus Lane Parade. This is a yearly parade held on the Sunday after Thanksgiving. It’s held in Hollywood. It features many celebrities. It started in 1928 and was held every year till this day.

And it will probably continue to do so for many years to come. It usually features many floats, balloons, different bands, celebrities and so much more. They ride in a U-shaped course. It begins at Hollywood and Orange and finishes at Sunset and Orange.  The grandstand seats have to be purchased, (all of the profits go to Toys for Tots) but free curbside seats are also unrestricted.

Go shopping

Things to do for Christmas in Los Angeles in 2022 don’t all have to be the stereotypical places and events. You see during winter LA transformers! With decorations present everywhere the usual Christmas sales come around. That means that the city is ready for shopping. And who doesn’t like a good sale and discount? Especially if you just moved here. After appliance movers Los Angeles helped you move maybe you noticed you need more items for your new home. So will there be a better time than now to go shopping? Not only for appliances but clothes, decorations, furniture anything you need or want! A new city is a change and usually, after moving we do notice that there are items we dont have but need. And by shopping, you are also exploring the city.

There are many beautiful places and attractions in Los Angeles. So if you are looking for things to do for Christmas in Los Angeles in 2022, you will definitely find something that fits your tastes. From small hidden gems, light exhibitions, winter wonders, galleries, markets, sales, and lastly annual events there is something for everyone. Families, couples, and singles all can find something to their liking! Even if you count out the residents there are still many people that come to LA in order to enjoy a warm and exciting Christmas!

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