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The ultimate tips for packing and moving bulky items in Denver

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When it comes to moving, you already know how stressful it can be. What is especially stressful, is preparing bulky items for the move. You can always do the research and hire some of the moving companies in Denver to help you. If not, here are some tips for packing and moving bulky items in Denver.

Prepare your items

If you want to pack and prepare your bulky items for moving, make a plan. Put on paper all the steps you should take to move your stuff successfully:

  • clean the items before packing
  • disassemble them
  • provide packing supplies for moving bulky items to Denver
  • pack your items
  • get some help for carrying these items
  • contact your movers or rent a moving truck
sofa- moving bulky items in Denver
Make sure you remove legs and protect your sofas or mattresses with blankets.

This would be a to-do list for packing and moving the massive items from your home. Go step by step and you will pack and relocate them successfully. When planning to move, you should sort your items, especially the bulky ones. If you do not need any of them or if they are not in good condition, don’t waste your time on packing. Get rid of those items, or if there are certain items in good condition, you can give them to someone that needs them, to friends, family, or some charity organization. In the end, you can store them. Contact your moving company and rent a storage unit. Check the measures of your items before that.

Once you have decided what will you take to your new home, you should clean them. Of course, it depends on what are the items that you are planning to move to. After this, the next step is disassembling and packing.

Disassemble your bulky items

If you have massive items in your possession you absolutely must disassemble them when moving. They can be very fragile, and it is not easy at all to get them out of your house and relocate in one piece. So you could disassemble these items, you will be needing some proper tools or manuals if you are not sure how to do it. You should remove all additional parts, chair legs, drawers, take out all the items from your wardrobe. Pack separately your mattress and the bed.

kitchen-moving bulky items in Denver
Make sure you remove all additional parts from your appliances, and to unplug your fridge or freezer 24 hours before packing.

So, when preparing your wardrobe for moving, you should take out of it all of your personal belongings, of course. Remove all the shelves, legs, or any additional parts. In case you have the door made of glass you should take them off and pack them separately. When packing your kingsize bed, disassemble the bed frame, and pack separately the mattress as already said. If the bed has a storage frame, remove the contents of the drawers and then take the drawers out too.

In case you have some heavy kitchen appliances, and it is for sure that you have a fridge at least, you must first unplug them 24 hours before packing. Let the fridge or your freezer. Take out everything. Remove all the hoes, cables, if possible. Make sure you tape the doors so they don’t open during transportation. Take out any movable part from your kitchen appliances, like shelves and drawers.

Packing and moving bulky items in Denver

It is time for packing. This can be really exhausting. You should get a lot of packing supplies. Check on the internet moving supplies Denver moving companies has to offer. It will be a lot easier if you hire a reliable moving company to help you. Your movers will be able to take care of everything. They already have the packing supplies and are skilled to pack and relocate them safely. But the final decision is yours.

So, when packing your massive items you will be needing a lot of packing supplies. Make sure you have enough boxes in different sizes, bubble bags, ropes, stretch wraps, packing tape, gloves, furniture blankets, end a dolly of course. When you finish packing do not under any circumstances lift the heavy items yourself. You can get hurt if you do not apply proper lifting techniques. So, call your friends for help and use a dolly.

If you have a bookcase remove the shelves from it if possible.

When packing your mattress, it is important to protect it from dirt or potential damage. The same thing is for sofas, remove legs or any additional parts and cover them with blankets, then wrap them and secure with packing tape. Do not tape any drawers or doors made of wood because packing tape is hard on wood surfaces and will probably ruin the finish. If the legs of a piece of furniture cannot be removed, wrap them in old towels or pieces of clothing.

Make sure you clean the space around you, so you can easily get the items from your home to the moving truck. Put on the floor some blankets to prevent the floors from scratching but also to prevent the damage of your items. Put some gloves for moving and do the work.

Ready for moving bulky items in Denver

You should be also prepared for moving. Make sure you have gloves and the proper shoes. Use proper lifting techniques to prevent injuries and call for some help. As already said, if you are not prepared, skilled or if you don’t have enough time to do it yourself hire a moving company. Professional movers will be able to help you with packing and unpacking, loading and unloading a moving truck, relocation, but also some special services like cleaning and removing waste after unpacking. And also, moving of some items like a piano, or artworks. So, think it through.

Here are some tips for moving bulky items in Denver. Prepare well and go step by step. In case you want to save yourself the trouble, get in touch with some of the moving companies. Get et a free estimate and choose the company that suits your needs and budget.

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