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The ultimate move-out cleaning checklist

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Moving is stressful and long. And no matter how organized you are there will always be a mess after everything is done. And many leases and home contracts also make it clear that your home must be in perfect condition after moving. Not only that but even if you are moving out of your own home, you don’t want to leave it dirty.  Renters especially should be careful about the state of their old home. Well if they want to get full deposit fees that are. Not to mention that if you plan on selling your old home, leaving it dirty won’t inspire the customers. So whatever the reason is you have to clean it! Of course, you can always call one of the cleaning services Los Angeles is proud of, or you can follow the ultimate move-out cleaning checklist and do it yourself.

Making the ultimate move-out cleaning checklist

Moving and packing is by no means a clean and easy thing to do. In conclusion to that, you will need to start cleaning from the top all the way down. If you are not finished with the moving process don’t mop or wash any of the main floors. Why? Because people will get them dirty again. Although you can wash and clean floors in the rooms that are already done with the moving process. So start cleaning room-to-room. From the least used ones all the way up to the more used ones like the living room and kitchen. Of course, there are many California movers that offer services that include cleaning. But you can make your move-out cleaning checklist alone and do it properly as well. You can even begin small with windows and bedroom closets. After you finish the job, shut the door, and mark one room off.

Woman following her move-out cleaning checklist and cleaning the windows
Your move-out cleaning checklist does not have to be detailed. It only needs to have rooms and the time of cleaning.

Cleaning supplies

After the best furniture movers Los Angeles has taken your furniture away there are some things you should know. By now you should have made the list of rooms you need to clean. And made it in order. From the least to the most used rooms. The rooms should already be emptied out. At least the rooms you will start cleaning first. But of course, you can’t start anything unless you have all of the cleaning supplies you need for deep cleaning.

Deep cleaning is about the details. In order to clean everything properly, you should start while the moving process is still ongoing. Start with rooms that are emptied out. Either by the moving company or maybe you have decided to place your items in climate controlled storage Los Angeles. Whatever the case, the point is there should be no clutter in the rooms. So what are some of the basic supplies you will need for your move-out cleaning checklist?

  1. Rubber gloves
  2. An all-purpose cleaner (this can also be homemade)
  3. Glass cleaner
  4. Baking soda
  5. White vinegar
  6. Dish soap
  7. Sponge
  8. Scrub brush
  9. Detail brush or old toothbrush
  10. Squeegee
  11. Plastic bucket
  12. Spray bottle
  13. Microfiber cloths
  14. Cleaning cloths (like dish towels or rags), or paper towels
  15. Vacuum with attachments
  16. Mop or steamer
  17. Broom or vacuum with a hard flooring setting
A red wacumm cleaner
Having all supplies ready for cleaning is a must.

Homemade cleaning supplies

Every international moving company Los Angeles can brag about being professional. That means that they will make sure that your home is not left in a bad condition. But after being lived in for a while, of course, there is a need for a deep clean. Among the many supplies you bought, there are also some that you will need to make. And the homemade ones are far better than anything you can buy. This way move-out cleaning checklist will have all of the best supplies.

  • Baking soda paste – To make it you need to start with a cup of baking soda. Carefully add splashes of water until it forms a paste equivalent to the consistency of wet sand.
  • One-to-one vinegar spray – When you’re creating the vinegar spray, begin with one cup of vinegar and one cup of water. If the room you want to clean with it is bigger, then increase the equal parts accordingly.

If the scent of vinegar is not to your liking, or you simply can’t stand the smell there is something you can do. If this is the case you can always add a few drops of any essential oil to change the aroma. Also, a squeeze of lemon can also fix the smell if you don’t have any essential oils. Also, a small tip when preparing homemade supplies for your ultimate move-out cleaning checklist is to buy the gallon jug of white vinegar and find the big bag of baking soda. Of course, you can also buy more regular-sized products. But this will make your total a lot more expensive.

Woman cleaning with homemade cleaning supplies
Homemade supplies have been around for generations. And have proved their abilities.

Cleaning tips

Clean from top to bottom. These are some things we suggest for your standard cleaning routine, and not only the move-out cleaning checklist. First dust surfaces high up in the room. This applies to surfaces like ceiling fans or shelves, before cleaning lower surfaces(like floors). This way, you won’t ruin something you already cleaned by evidently making it dirty again.

Work in stages. Depending on how large the space is, cleaning all at one time may be too much work. Of course, this only applies if you are cleaning it yourself. If by chance you are using services provided by movers Orange County residents recommended then it’s a different story. If you are doing it alone make time for cleaning.

Last-minute cleaning. Even if you clean in advance, on a moving day, there will be some things you’ll have to take care of prior to your leave(like the bathroom). Not only that but once the furniture is moved out, you’ll likely have to vacuum up the dust bunnies that are discovered underneath.

Woman cleaning her carpet
Doing last-minute cleaning is too much work for one person. So ask someone for help at least.

Landry room and closets

Start your ultimate move-out cleaning checklist by focusing on the smaller rooms. These rooms should already be packed up, and maybe movers in Burbank CA have already moved the boxes from them. In order to deep clean a closet, it’s essential that it’s empty. So you can also do this after packing. If you just packed move the moving boxes from the said room.

Make sure you make a difference between the normal boxes and the donation boxes. If you still haven’t decided where to donate your clothes at least label those boxes in order to prevent mixing them up. If you already did decide you can do that before starting to clean. When everything is finally out, start by vacuuming and wiping any shelves, baseboards, and walls.

When it comes to the laundry room things might get a little tricky. You see this room will need a little more time than the closet. Why? Because before using any moving services Los Angeles you will need to clean your washing machine and dryer. How do you expect to move dirty appliances? But that’s not all, you will need to disconnect them from water and electricity as well. Of course, you can wait for the professionals to do it. After disconnecting and cleaning them, move them to some other room. Or at least move them to the side in order to clean the space behind and under them. Then clean all of the other spaces like shelves and cabinets. Followed by mopping the floors.

Living room

A room found on every move-out cleaning checklist is the living room. This is one of those places that doesn’t have to be done at the beginning of your cleaning adventure. It’s a high-traffic room, so it will require a lot of attention. Clean all of the higher surfaces first. Start by removing spiderwebs or dust from high places and work your way down. Also, dont forget to clean the ceiling fans and light fixtures at the start.

Woman cleaning a mirror
If you are leaving some furniture or decorations after moving, at least leave them in nice shape.

Actually many people even opt for a fresh coat of paint in the living room, especially people with kids or smokers. Why?  Moving to LA from a different city means you will probably sell your current home. And a fresh layer of paint will do wonders if you decide to sell the house. If by chance some furniture is staying in your old living room, clean it too.


This is probably the most time-consuming place on your move-out cleaning checklist. Due to everyday use, it accumulates dirt like no other. Even more than the living room. Add on that the stains of cooking like oil stains and so on it becomes even worse. The cleaning here begins long before you actually pack. Why? Because first, you will need to pack all of the appliances. And before packing them they need to be cleaned.

Then are you moving the refrigerator as well as the stove or even the cabinets? In both situations, they must be cleaned. Whether they are located in your office and in order to make them ready for commercial movers Los Angeles or for potential buyers that will be inspecting your home after you move. Don’t forget to wipe down every drawer and cabinet. Clean the windows, tiles, and floors.


Next on the agenda is bedrooms. If you have guest rooms you can also start your move-out cleaning checklist from them. As they are not used as much. After removing all the furniture, start by cleaning the dust, and windows. If you have a balcony you can also devote a little time to making it look better. The balcony won’t need a lot of time, just a simple cleaning to remove leaves or any dirt.  Pay attention to the floors, and wipe down any services that are left. For example the doors and wardrobe doors, any built-in shelves, and so on.

A clean bedroom
The master bedroom should be given extra attention.


The bathroom is also one of the most used places in the house. Start by emptying it out(if you already didn’t). Start by cleaning higher surfaces, removing spider webs, and cleaning mirror surfaces. After that disinfects everything. Scrub around the toilet seat carefully. Make sure that the bathtub or shower is properly cleaned as well. All of the tiles are wiped down. Clean the sink and around it. Keep an eye out for mold. Bathrooms are prone to mold due to the high humidity. If you do notice it somewhere there are many homemade remedies that will take care of it.

Garage and the outdoors

No one anticipates a spotless garage. But when moving you should devote some time to cleaning it.

  • Mop the floors.
  • Clean the doorways and windows.
  • Look for all of the stains on walls and floors, and clean them.
  • Leave the potential buyers with a new battery in the garage door opener as a small gesture.

As for the outside, there is not much to be done. If you have a lawn add it to your move-out cleaning checklist. At the same time, the patio or porch needs to be cleaned as well. After all, this is the first impression for new buyers. And it makes a big deal. The entryway is also important. So style it well and clean it carefully. Although it is not a lot of work when spaced out throughout the moving process, it still is a lot easier to hire professionals.

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