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The ultimate list of moving supplies for a WA move

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    No matter where or how far away we move, the process of relocating remains roughly the same. You need to mentally and physically prepare for the move. Then, you need to lay out a complete plan of operations and figure out the workflow. Then, there is the task of contacting international movers Seattle to take care of your items with speed and efficiency. Following up is the unavoidable and tedious task of packing your items for the move. However, we often overlook one important aspect in the madness that surrounds the upcoming moving day. We’re talking about the unsung heros of moving, the moving supplies. If you want to have a smooth relocation, you need to make sure that you have enough materials to pack your items in. To help you out, we’ve put together a list of moving supplies for a WA move you absolutely can’t skip on.

    Packing paper is the most important part of every move

    When you need to pack easily damaged items, like glasses and plates, nothing does a better job than humble paper. If you’re moving from Washington to California, you need to make sure your item can survive the trip. This is easily done with the use of packing paper since it can serve many different purposes. If you want to avoid smashed plates or chipped glasses, use liberal amounts of paper. There is no limit and the more you use, the better! Or, if you want to make sure there is no room for your items to move around in the box, it can serve as a filler. Simpler crumple it up and wedge it into any empty spaces.

    cardboard boxes stacked together
    Cardboard boxes are the perfect solution for every move

    No list of moving supplies for a WA move is complete without cardboard boxes

    No matter how much you plan your move, you won’t get far if you don’t have anything to place your items in. Simply throwing them in the back of your truck and driving off will do you no good. What you need to do is make sure that everything is neatly packed before professional movers Seattle arrive. Cardboard boxes are the simplest, yet most versatile form of packing supplies in existence. They come in different sizes and, offer good protection, and can even serve very specific purposes. From regular square boxes, to specialized boxes for mirrors with reinforced edges, you simply can’t relocate without packing your items in a few cardboard boxes.

    Bubble wrap, a soft yet surprisingly strong moving supply

    Some of you may be surprised to learn that bubble wrap has more uses that just being a anti-stress toy. During a relocation, bubble wrap is equally important as boxes and packing paper, if you want to ensure the safety of your items. Southern California movers can confirm that this moving supply is fundamental when it comes to relocations. If you’re transporting glassware or some particularly fragile pieces of art, this wrap will be your life saver. Isolate your delicate items with a few layers of bubble wrap and you’ll have nothing to worry about. Thanks to it’s air pockets, it will absorb movement and impact like magic. When the relocation is over, you can go back to popping the leftover wrap in your home!

    sticky notes and pens on a table
    Labels help you organize and keep track of your items

    Organize your WA move with colorful labels

    If you want to keep your sanity through the moving process and even after it, you’ll want to get a stack of packing labels. With a good labeling system in place, both the packing and unpacking of your home will be a simple experience. In addition, moving services Seattle will have a much easier job unpacking your home once they know where everything should go. After you pack each box, make sure to label it with the room it came from, as well as what is inside. Be creative with your labeling and provide as much information as you can on the box. Avoid writing short labels like “Kitchen” or “Bedroom”. Be detailed and you will save yourself a lot of nerves.

    Wrap up your list of moving supplies with a simple clipboard

    This is probably the last thing that crossed your mind for a list of moving supplies for a WA move. However, an item as simple as a clipboard can save you so much time and help you stay organized. You can purchase different types of clipboards online, and use them to keep important papers close to you at all times. Your entire moving checklist, mover contracts, as well as other important paperwork will stay without throughout the move with this nifty item. You can check any of your papers or cross something off from your checklist with ease. With all of these essential moving supplies, your relocation will be simple and stress free!

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