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The ultimate guide to overcoming moving anxiety

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Experiencing anxiety when facing relocation is completely normal. Many of us tend to assume worst-case scenarios and stress over difficult situations. And moving your whole LA life to another home, city, state, or country is all very difficult. It can make us feel overwhelmed and unprepared for everything that’s coming. Luckily, there is a solution. They say there is no better cure for anxiety than a problem being solved. And we are here to help you get that solution. No matter if you’re hiring movers Los Angeles to help with moving, or you want to do it by yourself, you’ll need a way to manage all the stress. To get the most out of your move and settle into your new home as smoothly as possible, follow our ultimate guide to overcoming moving anxiety.

Don’t feed your anxiety with procrastination – start early!

One of the things anxiety does best is making us postpone unpleasant things until the last minute. You might feel relieved for a moment, but then all the work you’ve been leaving for later comes back at you, all at once. And that’s when anxiety can hit the hardest. Like we said before, there is no better cure for anxiety than a problem being solved. And you’ll get that solution by anticipating what might cause problems and preparing for it in advance. For example, if you’ve decided to move to Orange County, you don’t want to wait until the last moment to organize your relocation. No, you want to contact the best movers Orange County right away to ask what might be the best date for your relocation, what kind of services you might need, what will be the cost of the move, and so on. The key to avoiding anxiety is making yourself fully prepared.

Overcoming moving anxiety requires detailed preparation and planning
Moving anxiety appears when we’re anticipating problems and complications, which is why to overcome it you need to know you’ve prepared well

Fight that anxiety by preparing for everything

Nothing will feed your anxiety more than a disorganized and chaotic move. It will elevate your stress and bring on even more complications. However, if you prepare well, you’ll give yourself a smooth moving process where everything will be in its place, everyone will know their job, and you’ll be ready to tackle any problem that might arise. So, what should you prepare?

Get that anxiety-proof checklist ready

One of the first things you should do is make a proper moving checklist that will cover all your steps and needs. It will bring order to everything that needs to be done. Break down your California relocation into manageable steps and put them on paper so the whole project becomes realistic. The best part about this is the satisfaction you will feel after checking off each item on the list. Depending on what type of relocation you’re organizing the moving checklist will be different, but these are some of the elements most should include:

  • Make an inventory of everything that needs to be moved
  • Declutter and donate any unwanted belongings
  • Check out moving boxes Los Angeles to start collecting moving supplies
  • Submit a form for the change of address to your post office
  • Find a reliable moving company and decide on the relocation date
  • Pack up your home (it would be best to break this step into rooms or more and less used items)
  • Clean your home or arrange for a cleaning company to do it for you

You’ll be overcoming moving anxiety by arranging things in time

One of the first things you need to arrange is a good, reliable LA moving service unless you plan to do it yourself. However, if possible, we advise you to rely on professional service since this will take a lot of the workload off your shoulders. Depending on where you’re moving, look for a local or international moving company Los Angeles. Do lots of research, read reviews on several companies, and ask the people you trust for recommendations. There are many moving companies out there who offer the complete opposite of reliable relocation services. And doing your research will help you avoid them.

Another thing you should think about in advance is if you need storage space. You don’t want to be halfway into the moving process when you realize you’ve miscalculated the amount of stuff you have. Or that some of your furniture can’t fit into your new home. It might be too late to look for available storage Los Angeles at that point. Therefore, go through your inventory, make a plan, and arrange storage space in LA on time.

Think about your budget now to avoid moving anxiety

One of the things you need to keep in check before arranging a professional moving service is your budget. You’ll overcome moving anxiety by making sure you avoid unexpected additional charges and by not spending more than what you can afford. After you’ve estimated your moving budget, contact the best LA moving companies you’ve found to give you their offer. Keep in mind that a reputable company will have no problem with giving you a binding estimate for a job you need them to do.

Calculator and papers, and a pen
Overcoming moving anxiety requires getting everything ready in time – and that includes your budget

Accepting any help you can get will help you with overcoming moving anxiety

Aside from getting professional help, don’t forget that it’s okay to ask and accept help from your friends. Some of them might be more than happy to offer a hand with packing, heavy lifting, or just bringing some food or drinks on your moving day. You might even want to gather everyone to celebrate the beginning of the next stage of your life. After all, a good moving away party is never a bad idea. Nothing fights stress better than having fun with your friends and talking to them about it.

Two friends posing with a box and strong hands
Rely on your friends to make the whole process more fun and less stressful

Finally, take time to say goodbye

It’s not easy to say goodbye to your old home, neighbors, friends, and favorite places. But this is an important step that will help you with overcoming moving anxiety and moving on. After all, relocation is an exhausting and stressful process, so why not make the last memories of your old home be good ones? Take the time to give a proper goodbye to everything and everyone that was a part of the life you had in your old home.

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