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The ultimate guide for moving from LA to Denver

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If the time has come to move, fear not. Even if you haven’t moved in a while. And even if you are moving from LA to Denver, which sounds like a big endeavor, right? Well, your relocation can go smoothly if you prepare the right way. By hiring reliable movers Orange County, you’re on a good start. You can expect the experience to go quite effortless. Here’s our special guide for moving from LA to Denver like a pro.

Before moving from LA to Denver, acquaint yourself with your new city

Okay, you’ve probably gotten used to living in LA, with all its advantages. And yes, you’ll probably feel anxious about relocating to Denver. But there are ways to make this transition easier on yourself. Even smaller tasks like cleaning services Los Angeles will make this experience less hard. However, getting to know your new city will do the trick, without a doubt. Because knowing what you’re getting yourself into will prepare you for a smooth relocation.

If you’re moving from LA to Denver, what to expect from the weather conditions?

Although the weather isn’t a top priority such as hiring the best movers for your relocation, it’s important. Well, we can describe Denver weather is quite interesting. To be precise, you won’t get bored with it, and here’s why.

  • Unlike the LA weather, Denver has a long but inconsistent snowy season, with the most unusual snowfall pattern. It has two peak seasons, first in November then again in March or April. Overall, the total amount of snow is modest, at an average of 57 inches each year. This part of our guide is especially important if you plan on moving during winter.
  • Denver’s extra warm sun melts the snow quite quickly. The reason is the city’s elevation and therefore hotter and more powerful sun.
  • Regarding summer, if moving from LA to Denver, you can expect mild and unpredictable ones. But it’s the variation from day to day that makes Denver’s high temperatures some of the most unpredictable in the country. So, get prepared for these weather conditions quite different from the ones in LA.
  • Finally, if you’re relocating to Denver, you have to think about what to wear for your relocation. But afterward, as well. Therefore, prepare snow boots and a coat, but also tank tops, shorts, and hats. Be prepared for a change of clothes.
Man sitting in a park in Denver
If you’re moving from LA to Denver, you should expect different weather conditions.

Choose your neighborhood

The first step to embrace the city’s culture is to select your relocation housing’s neighborhood. However, each Denver neighborhood has a slightly different vibe and offers distinct amenities. Therefore, your choice will depend on your lifestyle, meaning you will have different priorities if you move with your children.

Commercial centers

For those who want to be in the heart of the city, this is the best choice. Also, it’s perfect for those who want to be within walking distance of shops, restaurants, and museums. If you have this kind of lifestyle, consider moving to the downtown Central Business District. Or the nearby areas of Civic Center and North Capitol Hill.

Quiet surrounding with abundant green space

Many Denver neighborhoods strike the perfect balance of suburban feel with the larger urban cityscape. Therefore, pick this option if you want proximity to the Denver downtown area. We also recommend you look into Sloan’s Lake or Glendale.

Young, hip, and trendy neighborhoods

If you’re moving from LA to Denver and want to be part of a young and hip community, that’s great. Denver has a large arts community rich with culture, for those who love it. For this kind of lifestyle, you’ll feel at home in Five Point, Capitol Hill, or River North Art District. These up and coming neighborhoods in Denver are quite appealing if you’re moving to Denver for work.

Adventures are awaiting you in Denver

One of the best parts of moving from LA to Denver is to plan your weekend getaways. And there are many interesting things to do in Denver.

  • Rocky Mountain National Park– This is such a perfect spot for hiking or backpacking. In one word, this outdoor oasis is perfect for mingling with the wildlife.
  • Vail– This is an in-demand ski resort. That’s why it fills up pretty quickly. Especially during peak seasons, which include summer and winter. If you are a ski lover, book your accommodations early to secure a coveted spot. Also, you can purchase an Epic Day Pass for priority reservations. It will allow you access to early season skiing, and reduced prices.
Panorama of the Rocky Mountains, CO
One of the things you could do after you move to Denver is to explore the Rocky Mountains.

Adjust to Denver’s elevation if you’re moving from LA

Even though the air is thinner and drier in the Denver area, most people don’t experience any severe side effects. However, we advise you to prepare your body for this kind of transition. First, drink about twice as much water as you normally do to stay hydrated. Then, eat high-potassium snacks such as granola, potatoes, and bananas. Also, limit your alcohol consumption, as it can heighten the effects of altitude. Finally, if you’re exercising outdoors, start slowly and build intensity gradually to avoid low oxygen levels.

Dining and shopping in Denver

If you’ve decided to move from LA to Denver, you’ll need to know the best places for shopping. Whether you see shopping as a luxury pastime or a daily necessity.

  • South Pearl Street

This is a historic Denver shopping district, such a charming alternative to mega malls. Here, you can find the small, local business, or their regular schedule of special events. Also, on Sundays, it transforms into a farmers’ market with fresh products, hand-crafted gifts, and local artwork.

  • 16th Street Mall

This 16-block pedestrian-friendly promenade has tons of brand-name stores with clothes, shoes, and home goods. It is located in downtown Denver and it is great for every kind of shopper.

  • Larimer Square

Even though this plaza is directly adjacent to the 16th Street Mall, it offers a different experience. It offers trendy boutiques and eclectic retailers instead of traditional luxury brands and chains.

View of 16th Street Mall in Denver
16th Street Mall is one of your shopping options in Denver.

Moving from LA to Denver- are you ready?

With our tips, it seems you are ready for a project called moving from LA to Denver. You can enjoy your transformation into a full-time Denver resident.

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