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The ultimate guide for interstate relocation

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So, the big day of the move is approaching and you wonder if you have done everything you should have. Many questions pop into your mind, and you feel lightheaded as not sure you have all the answers. Interstate relocation is no joke, it takes time, money, and a lot of energy and patience. The stress you are exposed to is immense and difficult to cope with. We cannot promise that there is such a thing as a stress-free relocation. What we can promise is that after reading this guide for interstate relocation you will feel better and know if you have missed a few steps along the way. Whether it is a question of how to ship car from California to Florida or something else, you’ll have all the answers. The ultimate secret is taking one step at a time during the move preparation.

Step by step approach as the basis of the guide for interstate relocation

When it comes to moving long-distance, it all comes down to careful planning. Having enough time on your hands is an essential factor. It is a recommendation to start a planning process at least two months before the actual move. Even though it does not seems so now, there are a lot of things you must do before getting to your new destination. This two months period can be divided into several phases  and subphases actually:

  • first of all- finding a moving company. You can look for great movers at Verified Movers and be sure that your move will be handled professionally. After that, you need to deal with getting a quote, going over the contract and agreeing on the services
  • obtaining packing supplies, packing, transportation and checking the unpacking and unloading process
  • renting storage units Denver or any other city you are moving to offer
  • transferring documentation and mail, sorting out utilities in both your old and new place
Men stressed out having no guide for interstate relocation
Expect the stress when moving across the state and therefore start preparing on time

Phase 1 of the ultimate guide for interstate relocation

This phase does not require any heavy lifting but it does require time and commitment. If for example, you live on the West Coast, finding reliable movers in LA will be easy but will take time. Very often finding good movers means half of the job done. Especially if you can afford all the services movers offer, you only need to do some planning and financing. They will take care of the rest. Schedule an in-house survey in order to get an estimate. This is the only way for movers to have a clear picture of the number of things you need packing and moving. Ask for insurance policies before signing over anything. In order to find good movers in the first place check if they are licensed with FMCSA. This will help eliminate all the potential frauds and incompetent ones.

Woman typing on a laptop
In order to find a reliable moving company visit the FMCSA website

Phase 2 – packing, trunking, and unpacking

This phase is maybe the shortest but requires the most involvement. Some few weeks before the move you need to buy packing supplies. These can be obtained by the movers but in case you want to spare money, you can buy them yourself. Make sure you are buying high-quality packing materials since this will be a long-distance move. Everything you pack must endure until the final destination. There are some essential tasks you need to include on the moving checklist. Other than a checklist, it is required to have an inventory list of the things you own, so once you are at your new home, you can check if everything is there and delivered. When leaving the transport to movers, you have to check if all your boxes are there once they arrive.

Storage – phase 3 of the interstate relocation guide

There are great chances that after you unpack at your new home, you’ll realize that there is not enough space for all your things. For some items you knew already that they will have to be stored somewhere outside the house. If you have a big house garage, attic or a basement can act as storage space for some things. But if you have moved to a building apartment, you will need to look out for a storage unit nearby. Whether storing musical instruments, some old antiques, or just things you do not have space for, you’ll have to find a reliable storage warehouse. For certain items, the storage units will need to be climate-controlled. Make sure to follow our guide for an interstate relocation, if you want things to go smoothly. Do not rush with finding storage units until you check out the condition they are in.

Storage units with blue door
For all the things you cannot place in your new home, you will need to find a storage unit nearby

Phase 4 – starting a new life

There are a few things you need to finish before settling down completely, once you arrive at your new home. First of all, you need to arrange for all the utilities in your new home to be turned on. You do not want to come to your new home not having gas, electricity, water and such. While dealing with this make sure you have turned off all of these at your old home. Another thing to do is arrange for your mail to now arrive to the new address. If you have kids, make sure to get in touch with the new school. As a pet owner, you should register your pet with a local vet and get all the necessary information as a newcomer.

After following the guide for interstate move it is time to sit back and enjoy

If you are all settled in, with all your things unpacked and your arts and pictured framed and hanged, it is time to enjoy. There are always things to do when you arrive in the new city and a new home. But take your time, house works can always wait. Walk down your new neighborhood and check out some places you will visit later on. Finding your favorite coffee place, flea market or a grocery store is a step closer to feeling like home.

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