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The ultimate apartment moving checklist

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It’s time to move. The apartment has been cramped for a long time and the opportunity has finally come for a little more comfort. It s time to organize everything and move into the long-awaited apartment. The new apartment has been cleaned with the help of cleaning services Los Angeles and is waiting for you. You know that organization is the most important part of the job, but what you lack is the ultimate apartment moving checklist. Time is never on your side, let alone a checklist. Don’t worry, just follow our lead and everything will fall into place.

Two months prior to moving day

If you are moving to Hawaii from California, you need to start preparing in time for the moving process. After finding a suitable home, start looking for a professional mover. When choosing a moving company, always check for:

  • availability on moving day
  • insurance and licensing
  • Internet and personal recommendations
  • whether it fits your budget

Once you’ve chosen a mover that meets your needs, schedule a day off for moving day. Calculate that a move during the workday is always cheaper than on the weekend. Check your moving insurance policy. The policy should cover the entire moving day. If your new home has a freight elevator to transport items, book it in advance. Don’t forget to calculate a moving budget.

packing boxes are one of the items on your the ultimate apartment moving checklist
Provide boxes of various sizes and all necessary packing supplies in a timely manner.

One month prior to relocation day

Start packing. Get the right packing materials from moving boxes Los Angeles. Before you start packing, declutter your belongings. This is a great time to get rid of unnecessary belongings. Give them away as gifts or sell them. Your moving budget will thank you for that! Start with the rooms you use the least (as the guest room). Be sure to mark each box you pack. First, pack the items you won’t need before your move. Notify the building manager of moving day.

3 weeks prior to moving day

The ultimate apartment moving checklist also instructs you to continue packing. Proceed with the furniture you won’t need before your move. Disassemble them and put all the small pieces in zipper-lock bags and mark them. Pack valuables and personal documents and set them aside. If you don’t have time to disassemble and pack the remaining items, use reliable movers, such as full service movers Los Angeles.

Reserve parking for the trucks in front of the building. Unsubscribe from utilities, but also report all utilities (like cable and internet) to the new location. Arrange to clean the apartment after you move out.

One week prior to moving day

Prepare your menu for the final week. Cooking is definitely not on your checklist for the last week. Redirect your mail. Pack the basics for the first few days in your new home in one bag. Continue to disassemble and pack the rest of the furniture. Check the weather forecast for the day of the move, because you never know the weather. Once again, confirm agreements with your mover.

two men carrying boxes
Hiring professional movers is always a good decision to complete the ultimate apartment moving checklist.

Day of the move

We have reached the end of our ultimate apartment moving checklist. There is very little left to do.
Everything is packed and waiting for the movers. Your valuables and personal documents are traveling with you. Go through the entire apartment, in case you forgot something. Turn off the power at the main switch and return the keys. A new home awaits you!

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