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The items you should leave behind when moving from WA

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    Moving isn’t just transporting your items from one address to another. It also means transporting your current life and habits to another completely new location. This isn’t an easy step to do, and you might feel like if you moved everything, you would not feel so sad in new surroundings. However, no matter how much that good sounds, there are items you should leave behind when moving from WA. There are a couple of reasons for this decision. The first one, moving companies in Washington will have fewer items to move, so you will be spending less money. Additionally, there are some items that you can’t take with you. Here are items you should leave behind when moving. 

    Old clothes are items you should leave behind when moving from WA 

    When you are moving from Washington to California, you would want to have a fresh start. You can start by decluttering your wardrobe. There is something liberating when you get rid of items you don’t need, and make room for something new and exciting. Go through your wardrobe and divide your clothes into piles.

    • Move
    • Sell 
    • Donate 
    • Throw away 

    Be honest with yourself and keep only clothes you will wear. You have three options for the rest of the clothes. For example, you can sell it and make some money in the process. If money doesn’t interest you, you can donate to a good cause. The items in bad shape or simply too old, you should throw away. 

    three sweaters on the chair
    Take with you only clothes that you will wear again

    Some appliances should be left behind 

    If you are moving to LA from Seattle, that is a long car ride to make. You don’t need to take big appliances like a fridge or stove, especially if they are old. If you are going to leave these appliances, you should also leave behind the manuals for new homeowners. Speaking about the kitchen, you should also leave behind the light fixture and light bulbs. You certainly don’t need to take light bulbs with you, as you can easily buy them at your new home. 

    Bulky items can be tricky to pack and transport. If your furniture is old, it’s best to leave them behind rather than to take them with you. Some bulky items like pool tables are worth moving if you have pool table movers Seattle near you. However, if you have new furniture in the new home, it’s best to leave the old one behind. 

    open truck
    Decide if you want to move your household appliances

    In-ground items should be left in their place 

    If something is in the ground, you should leave it in the ground. Items secured in the ground are considered real estate property and you can’t take them. Items like mailboxes, birdhouses, and yard lights are considered personal property, and you can’t take them with you. Also, living outdoor items you should leave behind when moving from WA. You certainly won’t dig every plant, tree, or shrubs out of the ground just to take them with you. First, they possibly won’t survive the journey to the new home. Additionally, the new climate might not suit these plants. This also applies to indoor plants, if you are moving long-distance. It’s best to leave them with family or friends than to take them on a long journey. 

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